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  1. I see that CCleaner V2 has been awarded PCPRO Magazine's "Software of the Year" prize. The award was based on feedback by computer users who participated in the awards, giving CCleaner very nearly full marks. Congratulations and thanks to those at Piriform http://www.pcpro.co.uk/awards/index.php?pageId=16
  2. I presume you have it already installed on your main computer. In which case, go to C Drive (or whatever its installed on) and go to Program Files. Then navigate to the CCleaner folder and copy that folder onto your USB Pen Drive.
  3. I gather CCleaner V2.0 will be designed ground up to be truly portable like Recuva.
  4. Now thats being downright lazy. Is it really that difficult to untick ONE box? I could understand people's greivances if CCleaner deliberatly "hid" the opt-out option making it difficult to find (and there are some companys that do that). But the way that they present it couldn't be easier. I just can't understand why people are so damned lazy - just untick the box and stop complaining - the software is free. Otherwise buy something like Registry Mechanic which doesn't come with the Yahoo Toolbar.
  5. Just to keep you updated MrRon, I've just downloaded the latest version (.095) and I still have the same problem. I've also noticed that when I Recuva to scan my HD from my USB drive, it doesn't go beyond 0% and 0 files. The progress meter briefly comes up and then in about a second its gone. If you want I can do another video of this for you. dfisher1
  6. Interesting! Whether I'll ditch my copy of Diskeeper 10 Pro Premier, I don't know. If Piriform's Defragger is a lot faster than Window's inbuilt one and does a better job, then it will be sure to win a lot of new fans that don't want to say spend money on Diskeeper or JKDefrag.
  7. I don't see how the Yahoo toolbar is a problem. Just make sure you read all the descriptions next to the tickboxes before prematurely pressing "Next" when a new window comes up. If people did that, then there would be no need for a "lite" version of any other version bar the full one. I get the feeling that people are blindly clicking "next" without reading what has come up on the screen. CCleaner makes it very clear that by unticking the box, Yahoo toolbar won't install - how much easier can it get?!
  8. Just to update the Recuva team, I've tried the latest download of Recuva and it still freezes at exactly the same point: 80% and 1722 files. I ran it in debug mode and got this from the debug error log: [2007-07-23 10:28:35] [iNFO ] Recuva v1.02.091 [2007-07-23 10:28:35] [iNFO ] System Info: MS Windows XP SP2, Intel? Celeron? CPU 2.53GHz, 959MB RAM, [2007-07-23 10:28:41] [ERROR] Exception: DriveNamesEnumerator.cpp(46) : The device is not ready. It looks like I'm suffering the same problem as "Bobz" in the previous thread.
  9. To answer your question, I haven't tried that. But if I get it to scan the C Drive from the USB drive (G) it doesn't crash at all and works perfectly. It only crashes when I get it to scan the usb drive on which it is running from. With the previous Betas, there never used to be a problem with scanning the USB drive. Heres a sequence of events to help: - Installed on a USB thumb drive (G drive) - Open Recuva from "G Drive" - Scan "G Drive" - the drive on which Recuva is installed on and running from - Stops at 80-odd % - Crash, get above post error message in Event Viewer.
  10. Will there be, or are you considering, a U3 version?
  11. *BUMP* Any news on what this could be?
  12. Hi, I downloaded the latest edition of Recuva and installed the .exe on a portable USB drive. All the previous versions ran without a hitch, however, with this version when I scan the USB drive on which the program is located it gets to 80-odd% then hangs. The first time I ran it, it mentioned something about Dr Watson and debugging, then after dismissing it I've never seen that warning. It does still hang, and I have to force it to close through Task Manager. I haven't got any error logs because its on a USB stick, but I pulled this off Event Logger. Event Type: Error Event Sourc
  13. It would be great to have an official U3 version of CCleaner which could then be installed on U3 capable USB memory sticks.
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