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  1. I was getting a crash every time under Windows 7 & Vista (32-bit). Once I didn't use the wizard under Vista, it worked fine.
  2. I just ran it again. When I have the "Unused File Extentions" deselected, it doesn't delete anything in the folder. Weird... It dosen't make sense that it doesn't work for you. Has anyone else tried it?
  3. I think I figured it out! In the Issues menu, uncheck/deselect "Unused File Extentions". I ran it again after this and everything was still there.
  4. The extensions are rft- the main ones, and there are a couple with rfo, bak. All these are in a folder called "Default Profile". If I'm not mistaken, this gets deleted too (but I don't want to test it).
  5. It is stored in the C:\Users\cheapherk\Documents\My Roboform Data folder (obviously, cheapherk is my username). I was surprised CCleaner totally wiped out the contents of the folder.
  6. Still a problem with the official release of Vista. How can I keep it from clearing mt AI Roboform Data?
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