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  1. It didn't work here... It said that I had to run it with the same account as which I installed it with... I'll try the Re?nstall Windows XP SP2 fix.. (Only the service pack)
  2. XPSize is good software. Anyway: I like the new IE. But I prefer the Menubar on top, then the toolbars and then the tabs (like in my browser/Opera) I have already downloaded IE7 B?ta 1, it is a good program for a MS B?ta product
  3. I don't make Reg backups either, if it messes up my Windows Installation (which has never happened), I just pop in the WinXP installation CD and re?nstall it
  4. I simply don't like FireFox. (I've tried it, I hated it and I deleted it) Ok back to your problem, are the Opera versions the same? Or is one of them an (old) b?ta version? And do you have more then one Opera installations on one PC. If you check all of this, and make sure that you have one Opera installation, and the newest one. And it still doesn't work, try re?nstalling Opera / CCleaner.
  5. I liked using Windows ME, It crashed far less then 98SE for me...
  6. It's Dutch and English. Only the webpage is Dutch... And: My name is Sander, I am an "elf" so I am Elf Sander.
  7. 1) I am not good at superb graphics. But these graphics are based on what I call: keep it simple. 2) Many programs still do that... 3) I don't have that problem.. strange. 4) Yeah.. writing a browsing engine in VB.Net is easy... (But I am working one one, but that one is even in a pre-alpha state (Unite Engine)) 5) yep. 6 & 7) Yes, I admit that my 'encryption' isn't perfect, but I had to do something. I am working on a better encryption system... (I only don't know how to make one.) 8) The OK button will save it too (in the future), but the save button willl stay. This because you ca
  8. I have created a CCleaner Quickstart Quickclean icon (which runs cclean.exe /auto)
  9. Spyware blaster is a great program. Almost as great as CCleaner
  10. Although some people say that IE skins are lame, I have made one. A good one. See my website http://www.MicroSE.tk for more info (Dutch..) or download it directly by going here (Dutch and English)
  11. MicroSE is my "company", I've created a webbrowser using VB.Net 2003 and I named it MicroSE Unite.MSE (I have some other applications too. But my browser is the only program which is also English) See my website: http://www.MicroSE.tk (Dutch)
  12. Yes, my browser is much better (as in any browser) I just don't like firefox, that's all.
  13. I never had that problem, but well, I don't use FireFox (happy me)
  14. elf_sander


    If you're new and doesn't know what those option mean, you should keep them unchecked. They can disort many of your personal settings...
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