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  1. Confirmed. Recuva tick all items instantly but take a long while when untick them. Regards, Paulo Ricardo
  2. Thanks for the patch. However, I think that this issue could be fixed a little more. If you select a removable disk in the selector and after that, at the same time, remove the disk and click at Scan button, the program will still crash. I believe that would be needed to check, when click in the button, if the selected disk exists and, if is the case, generate an appropriate error message for such. Regards, Paulo Ricardo
  3. Confirmed. A really nasty bug. Regards, Paulo Ricardo
  4. v1d4l0k4

    Program Crashes

    Still issue in v37 build. Recuva takes a long time to load 66.000+ files into Listview. Moreover, application froze and arrives 50% of CPU use and exhaust 270+ MB while loading.
  5. v1d4l0k4

    Bad MFT entry?

    Still issue in v37 build.
  6. v1d4l0k4

    Bad MFT entry?

    Hi! In another post I had said about wrong 'Date Modified' values. Here's: http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=61761 Looking better, I see that it's about wrong entries. Currently only one result appears, since I believe to have superscribed other entries. The wrong entry is highlighted. See that it has wrong data: invalid filename, unknown size, invalid date modified and have a 'very poor' state. In others softwares this entry doesn't appear. So it's true? I think so. Regards.
  7. Mozilla Firefox, oops, none. Truth, since I installed it, I don't see reasons to use a AV software. I use only my common-sense, in either case (browser, P2P software, etc). Attitude that already completed 2 years without problems (proven by online scanners that I use half-yearly, only for conscience's sake). []?s
  8. v1d4l0k4

    Program Crashes

    Hi! I think that this can be related with this: http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=61689 Here the situation isn't very distant. My scan found 61.629 files in 91.250 sec. But... the real time of scan was about 30 sec. Recuva takes 60 sec only to load files into Listview. It's a very significant time for about 62 thousand registers. With a virtual listview this wouldn't delay more than 3 sec. Another detail is that after loaded results, the listview occasionaly freezing when navigating with keyboard. []’s
  9. v1d4l0k4


    Hi! After persistent tests accomplished by me through Recuva and it's competitors, I tell that the following features would add more points to get my prefence in the Recuva use: Capability to erase files in the MFT table, becoming them irrecoverable (importance: 10/10) File type information in the Listview/Treeview, to make easy the visualization (when ordering) of the similar files (importance 8/10) Capability to seek all available volumes together, having for that to add Volume (currently the nomenclature disk is used) information on Listview/Treeview (importance: 7/10) Wildcard support in the find feature (importance: 7/10) Except these vital features, I meet some cosmetic changes that would add greater value to the Recuva: Change State information to Status (is more suitable) Add the respective system icons in the Filename information (obviously by extension) Add seconds in the Last Modified information (to get greater accuracy) or, if necessary, add an option to format this info as want When the Path is unknown, add \?\ instead of ?\, to keep visual identity At the moment, only this. Thanx in advance, v1d4l0k4
  10. v1d4l0k4

    1.01.024 bugs

    Another bug: It's detached in red. Wrong 'Date Modified' values. I think that now it's the time to create a exclusive forum for Recuva bugs. In this way this is very confused. Regards.
  11. v1d4l0k4

    New Beta Version

    I know, it's a BETA. But... the List/Tree View takes long time to load results, more than the time of the scanner. I think that virtual List/Tree Views can resolve this bothering problem. Since they had touched in the subject of multi-language, if it will not have nobody still to translate into the Brazilian Portuguese, they can count on me. Thanx.
  12. v1d4l0k4


    At the moment, an option (filter) to search/show only results of one category (Poor, Very Poor, Excellent, etc).
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