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  1. Thanks for the replies. I understand what the Prefetch Data files are for. I have read where manually deleting them once a month or so can speed up boot time(after the initial restart), and have done so in the past. I've only tried to do it with CCleaner "repeatedly", because it has never deleted them. It's not something I would do daily if the files were actually being deleted. "Just trying to see if I could find a solution to that glitch. Guess not! :-) There are 95 files in there right now. Time to delete? Bernard
  2. Greetings, I have CCleaner checked to delete Old Prefetch Data. Although it analyzes about 30 files to delete, it never deletes them. I can run the analyze & then clean scan several times, but they fail to delete every time. Otherwise, in the over year I've been using CCleaner, I have nothing but praise & recommendation for it! Bernard
  3. Greetings, And if you wanna take a few extra steps to do it right...I create a new folder in C:\Program Files for safe keeping, name it System Information For Windows(or SIW), put the siw.exe file in there, right click the siw.exe, and create a shortcut, then put the shortcut in the Start Menu\Programs folder. That way you can rename the shortcut w/o using the .exe extension. Otherwise, Windows can't recognize a file when the extension is changed or missing. You can create sub folders in the Start Menu\Programs folder, as well, such as Utilites, Gadgets, Photo Imaging, etc, then drag & drop Programs into those folders directly in the Start Menu. Helps to organize your Start Menu, and keep it less cluttered. :-) Hope this Helps! Bernard
  4. Greetings, Just run(or open) the siw.exe file you download from HERE. It doesn't install. It launches from that file. I put mine in the C:\Documents and Settings\"username"\Start Menu\Programs folder. It'll be in your Start Menu, if you put it there. Bernard
  5. Greetings, I guess I can assume if I click "Sensors"(under hardware),Using SIW, and get nothing, that I don't have those temp sensors on my pc? Replies will be appreciated! Bernard
  6. Well...I hate to reply to myself, but hopefully it will help others. I went back to the page, and selected in NoScript "Forbid PCWorld". It loads fine now! Absotively mind boggling! :-) Bernard
  7. Greetings, It does the exact same thing with me...Firefox When I switch to IE View, it shows "Page Cannot Be Displayed"! When I try to add it to NoScript's "Allowed Sites", wyciwyg://1/ is what shows up in the URL box. Very strange, indeed! Bernard
  8. Exporting a file copy of the Registry for backup is one of Kim Komando's tips. Someone needs to clue her in on ERUNT! :-) Bernard
  9. Oh well...At least I learned something for your troubles. I didn't realize I could "Import" a file into the registry. I used to use the "Export" feature occasionally to back up the registry, until I started using ERUNT. Thanks, again! Bernard
  10. UPDATE Greetings, WinPatrol keeps popping up saying that something is trying to change .reg file association back to Notepad. I keep not allowing the change, but I keep getting the pop-up every few minutes. So...Instead of fighting whatever is doing this, can't I just allow the change, and if need be, just import a CCleaner.reg file to the Registry just like I did with the file association.reg file? Your help is appreciated! Bernard p.s. I just ran System Mechanic. It may be the culprit! :-)
  11. I imported the .reg file to the registry & "Voila", I'm able to "merge" .reg files now. WinPatrol caught the change in association, and then I tried merging a CCleaner .reg file just to be sure. All is well! Thanks, dude! You're the Grrrrrrreatest! :-) By the way, I've yet to have to merge a CCleaner .reg file...Just wanted to be safe! Bernard p.s. Duh! I couldn't just right click & select "Merge". When I would do that, it would open in Notepad! It's all good now, though! :-)
  12. OK...I downloaded the appropriate .zip, opened it, and opened the .reg file in Notepad. So am I supposed to edit the registry with the values shown in Notepad? I've down some registry editing a couple of times, but I'm not real comfortable with it. Will this approach work instead? Notice in the attachment the options to "edit", "merge" or "print" .reg files. It's currently set to "edit". Isn't that why it opens in Notepad? If I select "merge" instead, would that solve my problem instead of manually editing the registry? Thanks for your reply! Bernard
  13. Greetings, When I right click & try to "Merge" a CCleaner.reg file, it opens in Notepad instead! Duh? :-) I know I read SOMEWHERE on this site how to change the file association, but dagnabbit if I can find it again. Any help will be appreciated! Bernard
  14. Greetings, I use A-Squared. Whenever I have any question about whether or not it's a false positive, I double check the file(s) at http://virusscan.jotti.org/ and/or http://www.virustotal.com. Hope that helps! Bernard
  15. Greetings, A-Squared has a free Anti-dialer, too. I use it. Download it here: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/antidialer/ Bernard
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