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  1. made it so, they make a mistake, they left disponnible a version for Windows 98 when normally it's a version for each version of Windows, it was corrected ?couter Lire phon?tiquement
  2. i think is a older version, so one error, sorry for the post
  3. I have fund ccleaner v 1.41.544 here but on piniform is the v 3.01.1327 aviable I do not know where they find this version unless it is an error or a beta version but it works
  4. look good, see i have ask for a better skin and now evryone is happy
  5. small skins kind to change colors (like Windows live messenger) or a bar of pressure into flash will not affect the speed of the scan
  6. +1 even if the short use of ccleanerest, it is nevertheless more pleasant with skins
  7. its true but the other software make skin too ( not for say, but like regseeker )
  8. I speak French I go tried to write best than I can in English more and more we see the softwares making new skin T-it tightened possible for example that the bar of progression of the scann tightened in blue? and of course a choice of colour or others for always replaced the gray by defect good continuation
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