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  1. There is an option to clean temp folders when the files are older than 24 hours. That does not work. I only can delete files when I uncheck this option. Nice bug. CCleaner isn't able to work with date and time.
  2. The left parenthesis looks like this: Is it possible to improve that? Thanks.
  3. This issue is not only in the latest version of CCleaner, it is also in the latest version of Defraggler. So I hold v3.10 and v.2.6 Defraggler v.2.6. I will hope you can fix it.
  4. The new versions of CCleaner 3.11 and Defraggler 2.07 are bad coded. Why do both programs start my Floppy-Disk? The name is C-Cleaner, not A-Cleaner. What a crap. You better should test your software before release. Best Regards W.
  5. 1. Building File List is too long in version 2.07.346. (Only on drive C:, not on D:, E:, etc) 2. Why do the parentheses look so bad? (Same as last version)
  6. WinType: WinXP WinVersion: 5.1.2600 2 Service Pack 3 IE version: 6.0.2900.5512 Physical memory: 1535MB Hi hazelnut, thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. Inside options window: When I unfortunately hit OK instead of Cancel the language switches to English and I have no options to change to a different language. It is only English. To get back to German language I have to edit the registry!! Language key from 1033 to 1031.
  7. My favourite language is German. But defraggler doesn't like it. What is going on? I run defraggler. It starts with German language. When I click "Settings" all switches to English when the options window pops up. When I cancel it all switches back to German. When I do it a second time it stays on German. Weird. OK, the language isn't important but what is about other bugs we can't see? Maybe someone will read that but I have no hope.
  8. Thanks for the information but nobody is interested in fixing that. You have to do it by yourself each new version.
  9. Errors in string tables: 8: 116, 127 9: 137 10: 157, 158 14: 208 15: 233 19: 290 20: 305 (missing), 312 632: 10109, 10110 2049: 32772, 32775 2050: 32798 2951: 32811 Change your translator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And............ Some necessary information are available but not shown in the windows (panes). Check the Search window. Change your coder.
  10. Hi. I revised the German language DLL. I corrected some errors, I translated some forgotten expressions. But what you still have to do: You should insert the Dialog boxes into the DLL. Example: Shut down the computer after defrag still gives an English Dialog box. OK, it is possible to translate it inside the .exe-file but each update it will disappear. Please give me an email address to send it.
  11. Suggestion It would be very helpful to use the asterix to set special files to include or exclude. At the moment you only can delete a folder but not selected files like *.txt or Example.* Best regards Six
  12. Hello webmaster, please repair the contact form. I'm not abke to send a mail. Regards Six
  13. @ Digerati Use the DOS version of defraggler It works faster. It works properly.
  14. @ Digerati Use the DOS version of defraggler It works faster. It works properly.
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