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  1. McAfee is the greatest Anti-Virus that has ever graced our computers, the others are crap in comparison..........taking the piss by the way in case anyone takes me seriously
  2. All I can say is wow what a change. Thank you very much
  3. Yeah i have a PSP but i only use it to listen to my music, well i did until i got an iPhone. Yeah i must agree that the graphics are rather surprising on that little thing but there aren't, in my opinion that many games on it that are any good and the ones that are come on PS2 which i think is better at play games then the PSP.
  4. AnGrA

    Gas gauge

    Because it isn't really that important to know that information and I for one know which side I fill my car up on. The most important thing to know is whether if you need to fill the car up with petrol or diesel
  5. lol I am ambidextrous too but I can only see it going in a clockwise direction no matter how hard I try
  6. Well yesterday I was a happy user of vista and actually rather pleased with it. However when I installed one of the important vista hotfixs I was no longer able to rename folders but instead was greeted with an error message. Also games like BioShock which should work with vista didn't and my wireless card also did not work. In the end I bit the bullet and went back to XP. I shall now carry on using XP until vista is in the SP2 stage
  7. What about if you disabled the QoS packet scheduler in the Access Network Connection Properties. Do you need to enable it if you use this network tip or not?
  8. Yeah the gave away in that e-mail that makes it most likely a chain mail is the fact that they said that "THIS VIRUS WAS DISCOVERED BY MCAFEE YESTERDAY". Yeah right
  9. Yeah that's what I thought of doing Humpty and since my friend said I could have one of his HD for free that was a bonus Is it hard to set up a dual boot system and do you need special software as I have no knowledge of how to do it because I don't use them and I never bothered to learn about it because of that fact. I will admit that I have done a few tweaks on my version of vista but I can still only get it to use 550mb of RAM which when you think about it, it is quite a lot. However for some reason it still runs just as good or in my case better that when I had XP You don't have Vista on a laptop do you? I found that with laptops vista is well slow
  10. Really that's strange my computer is running faster with vista ultimate on it, most likely because we have different specs. I will admit that I am thinking of going back to XP as i cant get my wireless to work with vista and some games don't play very well on it either like BioShock which was meant to be playable on vista.
  11. AnGrA


    Yeah I know you were just speaking in general Talldog9 lol I wouldn't say that i was using secrecy to provide security and I do know that there maybe flaws in my approach but I just don't think that i am likely to be hacked especially if you don't broadcast your SSID. Don't get me wrong i know that i could be but i just don't see anyone in my village doing that or someone coming into the village to do that and I would use a better security system if it was in a business environment but since I am not I will stick to how I have set things up
  12. AnGrA


    Okay what is the likely hood of someone coming to my village just to capture and read my packets or someone who lives around me doing that. I know for a fact that the people who live around me don't know enough about computers to do that and therefore I am not worried in the slightest. Actually now that I think about it I do still have WEP enabled but WEP is supposed to be easily cracked or whatever but like I said I do not see that happening to me.
  13. AnGrA


    I dont even bother with either of them as i have set up the router to only allow computers that I tell it to using the Wireless Station Access List. All you have to do is input the MAC address and your away.
  14. AnGrA


    Yeah once again a very good app just like the others so you have my thanks Piriform team
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