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  1. I my self used to use alot of pirated software, hell at one stage my computer was full of it. But im well over it, it is such a pain having to reinstall install apps constantly because of updates and blacklisted keys. And since i have found the world of freeware and opensource my computer has never been better, Out of experience i have noticed freeware/opensource programs are much better and do exactly what you need them to do most of the time, where as the commercial programs try cram as much Sh!t in there as possible to try sell the product which results in a huge download and bloated system dragging software that becomes such a pain that you end up not using hardlyever anyway! Ive learned my lesson wonder how long it will take the rest of the world to follow suit.
  2. Also Has anybody noticed the similarity's between Vista and Mac OS x 10? There is quite a few video's on youtube Mocking Microsoft in saying they have no mind of their own and copied idea's.
  3. kane

    Memory Tip

    Dude that is interesting. Pitty it has no use to me today but would have been a lifesaver if it worked on the old win98.. Bad memories of having 350mhz with about 128 ram or less LoL. g wasn't them the good old dayz
  4. I use Antivir classic. Ive used many others and this to me seems the best to suit my needs real light on the system Fast as scanning with which seems to be very powerful heuristics, And of course i am all for Freeware !
  5. Hey this is my first post And i use comodo firewall pro. Like the others said its a very good freeware firewall, and as far as tests go with the latest versions ties in first place with outpost firewall pro. (Which i think is damn good for freeware ).
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