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  1. same problem here, only secure file deletion is bugged with 0 byte files.
  2. hi folks, just updated to CCleaner v1.39.502. now files with the size of 0 bytes don't get deleted anymore (e.g. 0 byte files in the temp folder, or in any custom folders i set). v1.38.485 had no problem to delete those files so i stepped back to this. any explanation or workaround for v1.39.502 to get all files deleted? thanks in advance belinda
  3. hi, my suggestion for secure file and folder deletion or wiping free hd space (including mft on ntfs partitions) is sysinternals sdelete. its a free and small (46kb zip, no installation needed) commandline utility. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysintern...sk/SDelete.mspx it uses the department of defense clearing and sanitizing standard dod 5220.22-m, but number of overwrites can be manually set for security freaks like me. file and folder name entries in the filesystem get wiped too: "To overwrite file names of a file that you delete, SDelete renames the file 26 times, each time replacing each character of the file's name with a successive alphabetic character. For instance, the first rename of foo.txt would be to AAA.AAA". it can also delete all free space including mft on ntfs systems. remind that file and folder names of already deleted files cannot be deleted securely because rebuilding the filesystem would be needed: "The reason that SDelete does not securely delete file names when cleaning disk free space is that deleting them would require direct manipulation of directory structures. Directory structures can have free space containing deleted file names, but the free directory space is not available for allocation to other files. Hence, SDelete has no way of allocating this free space so that it can securely overwrite it." the best secure delete utility for advanced users in my opinion, very usefull for batch files, sendto entries, startupscripts... check homepage for more details.
  4. hi telezilla since i was interested in finding those entries too i took a deeper look at my CCleaner installation. regmon showed that some registry values get modified while entering custom files or folders. run regedit and goto: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\CCleaner\Options there are many REG_SZ values here, but take a look at the entries CustomFiles and CustomFolders. seems like simple text strings containing all your entered custom files and folders with | as seperator. There is also a | at the end of the strings. Here are some examples: CustomFiles: C:\Dir1\Temp.log|C:\Dir2\Temp.log|C:\Dir3\Temp.log| CustomFolders: C:\Dir1\Temp|C:\Dir2\Temp|C:\Dir3\Temp| i didn't tried, but i guess you can enter additional files and folders here. exit CCleaner before modifing these values and keep in mind that these entries only apply to the windows user you are actually logged in. edit: or you can create a file with a text editor (e.g. notepad) and copy/paste: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\CCleaner\Options] "CustomFolders"="C:\\Dir1\\Temp|C:\\Dir2\\Temp|" "CustomFiles"="C:\\Dir1\\Temp.log|C:\\Dir2\\Temp.log|" now delete my dummy entries and add your files and folders, just make sure you use \\ instead of \ in all paths, seperate all entries with a | and dont delete any ". i know it looks weird but its necessary to work correctly. save the file as CCleaner.reg, (not CCleaner.reg.txt). now doubleclick the file in explorer to import it into your registry. all existing CustomFolders and CustomFiles in the registry will be overwritten with the ones in your CCleaner.reg file so copy paste them to your CCleaner.reg before importing (dont forget to correct all paths from \ to \\). if you later add or remove some values to your CCleaner.reg file just import it again to update the registry entries. you can even log in as another windows user and import CCleaner.reg to get the same custom files and folders in this account too. greets belinda
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