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  1. I disagree. I listed those advantages as general terms, not in absolute terms where you find one exception and it's no longer true. I'm sure you can tell the differences. Closed mind? Perhaps you're reading too much between the lines. ---
  2. I can think of many advantages for freewares over commercial wares besides price. - No reservation for features > no "We'll put those new features on the next version and charge the users again for them" - No bad add-ons just for the vendors to claim extra functionality which looks good on the package box, but in reality have little use. - No additional resources required and bugs introduced by those bad add-ons. - Smaller and more efficient - Not pressured to come out before it's ready - No stupid rebate game (US) - Softwares are downloaded and ready for use in minutes (depends on connection speed) These are the ones I can think of, feel free to add to it. --
  3. Wish they tested Avira Antivir; would be nice to see how it compares. Also I wish they factor in the virus risk scale into the tests to better reflect the overall picture. Because the way the tests are handled right now means stopping an obscure, rare virus has the same importance of stopping a more common, vicious one. This might also prevent vendors from pumping up their numbers with irrelevant definitions without actually increasing the effectiveness of the scanners. ---
  4. I saw on Avira website that it has Avira Premium Security Suite which has a firewall integraded. I heard their antivirus is one of the best, how about the firewall? Anyone has experience with it? ---
  5. Accroding to Gibson's GRC site, MS is releasing the patch early on April 3rd. In the meantime, an interim patch is available from eEye. Full details on http://www.grc.com/default.htm ---
  6. Since we're on the topic, highly recommend the Informer widget - the only reason to use Yahoo! Widget, it's that good. Use the latest beta (less buggy) and Yahoo Widget 3.5 for now (since 4.0 just came out, might not be compatible yet). http://www2.konfabulator.com/forums/index....showtopic=13609 ---
  7. StarOffice and OpenOffice are basically the same thing. Since StarOffice 7 is OpenOffice 1, and StarOffice 8 is not free, you might as well use OpenOffice 2.1. Unless you use the fancy extras of MS office that most ppl never or rarely use, OpenOffice will be more than good enough. You can even find portable (no installation) version of OpenOffice at PortableApps.com (version 2.04). ---
  8. Full Article from CNet Although for now there isn't "real" damage from Jikto, that will surely change soon. One more reason to use the No-Script extension for firefox. ---
  9. Buy.com is one of the biggest online shopping stores and one of Amazon.com's main competitors. It's a good place to shop unless of course, you live in California, then you are more likely to buy from Amazon.com (no tax in Cal) or newegg.com (tax in Cal, but better services). Btw, good deal on Kaspersky. Rebate is annoying, but it is free after. ---
  10. If only someone can combine Kaspersky and NOD32! ---
  11. If you read the full test (pdf), you'll see this: From the report: "(*) AVK, eScan, F-Secure and TrustPort are multi-engine products: - AVK 2007 contains the Kaspersky and Avast engines ... " The "top" 5 finishers besides Kaspersky all use multi scan engines, and AVK which rated #1 in this report use Kaspersky and Avast. ---
  12. Share some of my favorites! Scrapbook This is the second most essential extension for me after adblock plus. It saves webpages and the information you want, the way you want it. Firefox extension backup extension (FEBE) Back up and restore all or any parts of firefox the easy way; really helpful if you restore image regularly. McAfee SiteAdvisor Pool users feedbacks about particular websites and give you safety analysis about the websites. Download Statusbar Much easier to use than the default; should have been a built in. DownThemAll! Why use an external download manager when a free and small (426k) extension would do all the works. Ook? Video Ook! Weird name, but this video site downloader is simple and effective to use. NoScript Uneasy about visiting new websites? No Script disable all script except those you deem safe. Dictionary Tooltip (version Easy to use dictionary extension with pronunciation. Avoid the newer versions. ---
  13. I love softwares that require no installation, why can't more applications be like that? Portableapps.com has some nice free portablewares, but many of them already out of date; wish they can update them more frequently. ---
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