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  1. I downloaded lastest version, but the same valid files are still appearing in the registry cleaner...Thanks for your help anyhow.
  2. Hi, I attached my screenshot earlier, but have not received a reply. Any help?
  3. Thanks, how do I do that!? Sorry, figured it out; here is screenshot.screenshot_ccleaner_issues_1.bmp screenshot_ccleaner_issues_1.bmp
  4. I am having an issue with the 'issue' scanner deleting valid files. When I run the issue scanner it picks up on registry files that are related to a GIS programme (Arcview) I use; the files in question are help files. I first noted that it was a problem as when I tried to open a Word document the GIS programme would try to install, even though it is installed already. I let the install run, and after a few minutes it would stop installing, allowing me access to the Word document I was trying to open. I then realised that it was connected to the registry files that were deleted. How can I rem
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