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  1. Thank you... let's hope this gets incorporated one day to CCleaner... Thanks Disk4mat & everyone else who helped out for this fix... Much appreciated Here's hoping
  2. Haven't I seen you somewhere before on this forum Disk4mat ? Yet again Disk4mat you've outdone yourself I just tried the script you left and it worked fine apart from one correction. Seems the vbs script under XP only accepts ye olde 8.3 filenaming as I had to rename line 4 to: Wsh.Run "C:\Progra~1\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /AUTO", 1, True 'The True flag causes WSH to wait for CC to exit ... as it balked at the Joliet method. Strange but true... it's probably my laptop Well this quickfix will do for the mo, and hopefully someone at Piriform might one day incorporate this reques
  3. @YoKenny - Again me old mucker, close but no banana What I'd been asking was not to ADD the option to run CCleaner from the Recycle Bin Context menu, but was to REMOVE the default option ON THE Recycle Bin Context menu of EMPTY RECYCLE BIN and just leave showing RUN CCleaner in that context menu, and thanks to Disk4Mat I've now managed to achieve this: @Disk4mat - Great idea about the "Replace Empty Recycle Bin with Run CCleaner" , but don't you think someone might just think that what is being offered is to physically change the icon of the Recycle Bin to a CCleaner version of t
  4. @mushu13 - Exactly what I was thinking could be added, as I use this command line in Newsleecher to tell it to hibernate when it's finished downloading: rundll32 powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState @Yokenny - Close, but no banana Here's hoping it might be added one day...
  5. Hi all, I see that we now have the option to Shutdown the machine once CCleaner is running in the background, but I was wondering would it be possible to add to CCleaner's context menu (in addition to the already existing Shutdown), the option to "Hibernate After Clean", as some people don't necessarily want to completely shutdown their machines, and prefer to just Hibernate once they've finished... Here's hoping Thanks Ed
  6. @Disk4mat - Thank you ! Thank You ! Thank You ! Just tried it and the "undo" & they worked brilliantly !! Again, thank you for finally removing that "pain in the *ss" for me @TwistedMetal - If what your saying is that my idea for adding this option to be in CCleaner should be in "Options - Settings", then I agree. If you're saying that this option already exists in "Options - Settings", then sorry matey but I'm using v2.10.618 which I understand is to be the latest to the public, and it's not there. Now how about the creators of CCleaner adding this simple option using Disk4ma
  7. Hi all, It's been bugging me for a while but I've been wondering if there was any way to remove the "Empty Recycle Bin" from the Recycle Bin context menu ? The reason being is that I already use the option to "Run CCleaner" on the Recycle Bin context menu, and sometimes I accidently click the "Empty Recycle Bin" option instead... GRRR If there is a way, could someone please tell me how to do it and also describe how to restore it back to it's original XP state just in case things get messy Lastly, if it can be done, why can't we ask for this option to be included in the CClea
  8. Hi, When I use CCleaner as a background task (right click on the Waste Basket and then select "Run CCleaner") the only way I know it's finished is by watching the Hard Disk light until it stop's flickering or to check Task Manager to see if the process has disappeared. Could you possibly add an option that let's us assign a sound effect to play when CCleaner has finished ? I've noticed that other programs do this by adding an entry in CONTROL PANEL - SOUNDS & AUDIO DEVICES - SOUNDS TAB for that program and then the user can add a desired sound effect for the desired action that the p
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