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  1. I'm using 10.15 Beta (19A501i). Which I believe is the latest developer build. I've read about those changes, but have yet to experience any of them.
  2. Glad to see an update for Mac! I'm running Catalina and the app works fine here as well. I've been monitoring the files deleted/analyzed and don't see anything of concern yet. If needed, I can beta test/send debugging information for this type of environment for continued development. I've been along time user for CCleaner on Windows and was pretty sad to see how little development into the Mac OS over the past years. Side note: The issue with the previous build about requiring multiple admin log-ins to purge data is no longer present -- THANK YOU.
  3. Skip C, I am currently using CCleaner Pro 1.15.507 on the latest Mojave beta 10.14.1 (build 18B45d) [note this beta was released after Mojave went public] and I cannot replicate the issue you're experiencing with resizing the application. Upon changing the window size and close CCleaner, the app retains my recent changes. You may want to try booting in Safe mode to see if you can save the window changes then. If so, then another application is causing the issue.https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262
  4. Any chance CCleaner could be coded to include the following location: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent This houses, on my machine, 111 shortcuts to files I've opened. For now, I've added this to the Custom Files to be removed. Using Vista Ultimate with CCleaner 2.0.475
  5. I think Lexonex is referring to the part where after using CCleaner beta 2 to remove data (run cleaner) if you go back to the Options > Cookies settings, there are still cookies listed under the "Cookies to Delete" column.... even without doing any more browsing after running CCleaner. Could be a vista bug, I see Lexonex is using Vista Home, I'm on Vista Ultimate 32bit. [Yes. The option to remove cookies for IE and FF is checked.]
  6. You work hard on CCleaner, (and we're all appreciative of that..) you should enjoy your vacation. I'm looking forward to the beta, teaser screen shots just make me more anxious.
  7. Thread is a little old, but I just found this free add-on for the Windows Firewall. http://www.pctools.com/firewall/ I haven't tried any of the leak tests, but it does prompt you to allow or block any program trying to access the internet. No problems on my Vista Ult. machine.
  8. I'm hoping this clears up some misc vista bugs I've noticed. Thanks MrG.
  9. I had (useless) data in this folder and just used the function within CCleaner to remove custom files and empty folders to delete them. Options > Custom. Folder is located here: C:\Users\%userprofile%\Searches\Recent Documents Make certain under "Advanced" from the main CCleaner screen you have "Custom Files and Folders" checked. I'm definitely not going to keep this setting, because I don't fully know what type of data gets stored into this directory. :shrug:
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