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  1. I just love using CCleaner. For some reason in some caeses it's better to use older versions of software, Why else would there be abandonware sites. Since CCleaner Portable may phase out if development after a new CCleaner, Can anyone here start giving out older versions of CCleaner Portable? filehippo already gives out older versions of CCleaner but not the portable version.
  2. I hope I put this in the right forum Is security erasing really good if people can still recover even after several overwrites were performed. I heard about this MFM (Magnetic force microscopy) scan but theres not too much information about it. Heck DOD says the way to really be secure is shred your hard drive but not everyone can keep affording to shred and buy hard drives. Is there any way to Securely destroy MFM (Magnetic force microscopy) traces so that hackers don't find weaknesses to attack my servers.
  3. I agree with you except I know theres a CCleaner Portable but no Eraser Portable. Maybe I should ask Eraser to make a Portable Eraser. I want eraser to erase things without tracks being left. People can recover Eraser Installation files and find out I erased my computer and do MFM Recovery.
  4. I got it why not put: [shareaza]LangSecRef=3022Detect=C:\Program Files\Shareaza\Shareaza.exeDefault=TrueFileKey1=%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Shareaza\Incomplete in your winapp2.ini in your CCleaner directory
  5. Good Thanks. I never knew someone did something like this
  6. I don't think just Shareaza What about Bittorrent, UTorrent, eMule, Limewire, Morpheus, Bearshare, and other filesharing clients.
  7. What about say someone keeps barging in your room to see what your doing. I have a feature idea to improve security and privacy. Have a Boss key function where if you type a certain key or customize the Boss key it will minimize and not even show a icon. That way people under heavy surveilance can protect their privacy. People at work can erase their activities without their boss knowing what they did.
  8. Did you select NSA or DOD Erase methods? If not thats why the files did not erase. I still think there needs to be a feature where you can erase the free space.
  9. I agree. Now thats 2 votes on this feature. Who else wants a feature like this.
  10. <Moderators I posted this in wrong forum. Don't ban me. Move this to CCleaner Suggestions Forum> 1> Add Gutmann erase Method 2> Free space Erase Option, or erase a certain amount of free space for less waiting 3> Clean almost all MRU with tracks such as OpenSaveMRU, RecentDocs, RunMRU, StreamMRU, and more. This will protect privacy better. This will really make CCleaner popular cause theres not too many erasing programs out there that are freeware. You would be very very popular and beat commercial Eraser solutions.
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