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  1. http://forums.spybot.info/project.php?issueid=28#note160 sybot now uses an external shredder Eraser, if you have this installed then things still get shredded.
  2. Download V2 beta here http://www.CCleaner.com/download this no longer requires the Visual Basic runtime as it has been rewritten in C
  3. CCleaner only cleans the drive it is installed on. If you add D: & E: as custom folders it will delete every file on those drives, as far as I'm aware.
  4. Sounds like you've got FF set to display the last page you viewed instead of your homepage. Goto tools -> options -> main -> choose show my homepage in the dropdown list (when firefox stars) -> ok
  5. Faust

    Swap File

    You can set windows to do this itself on shutdown (albeit only a single pass wipe). Control Panel -> Admistrative Tools -> Local Security Settings -> Shutdown: Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile -> Enabled
  6. CCleaner has always tried to delete this file but under normal situations it can't as the file is locked all the time the automatic update service is (don't know why it's not that important, Windows Update runs perfectly without it). If you want CCleaner to delete it you need to disable the automatic update service temporeraly. Not sure why the new version of CCleaner would be scrambling it though.
  7. Changed back to old style (no snot green). Much better
  8. Nasty bright colours they hurt our eyes.
  9. I would recomend upgrading to service pack 6a. (Microsoft no longer support NT but do appear to still have the latest service packs for it.) check here. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...ang=en#filelist
  10. CCleaner's behaviour towards locked files is something that shoud be changed by Mr G. There are many files that CCleaner tries to delete aswell as windowsupdate.log that cannot be deleted as they are locked e.g. TVDebug.log. I feel whenever CCleaner comes across a file it can't delete they should be treated the same as the Index.dat files and marked for deletion on next reboot. As the above method is quite longwinded and iratating.
  11. CCleaner does attempt to clean this file but it's locked by windows and therfore cannot be deleted without terminating the proccess that is locking it. I run CCleaner at shutdown after closing all running programs and terminating all none critical Proccesses and it gets deleted. Edit: just found an easier method. control panel -> administrative tools -> services -> automatic updates -> double click or right click & choose properties - > stop -> ok run CCleaner restart automatic updates control panel -> administrative tools -> services -> automatic updates -> double click or right click & choose properties - > start -> ok
  12. Faust

    Java Updates

    Actually Java installs its self in directories named after the version and leaves the old one excatly were it was. The Same Goes for the registry entries.
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