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  1. It's celebration time! After months of hard work we're pleased to announce Project Agomo has come out of Beta and has now become CCleaner Cloud! Developed to bring freedom and peace-of-mind to millions, CCleaner Cloud - the ultimate cloud-based PC management application - gives you the power to clean and manage your computers easily, from anywhere. CCleaner Cloud harnesses the power of our award-winning desktop products so you can: Clean temporary files and clutter from all of the machines you manage, right from your browser Defragment hard drives to improve performance and lifespan Fix R
  2. Last month we had CCleaner primed and ready for the release of Windows 10. This month we've been continuing to improve our compatibility with this new generation of Windows to ensure CCleaner's cleaning definitions are fully up to speed. In this release we've optimized the build architecture for 64-bit Windows 10 and improved cleaning of the new Edge browser as well as the Windows 10 Registry. Additionally we’ve been running extensive tests on the user interface, to make it faster and more usable. The first batch of changes are in this release, which sees the welcome return of the standard W
  3. The countdown to Windows 10 is on and we’re ready for it! We’ve been working hard to make sure CCleaner is fully equipped for it and the upcoming Microsoft Edge release. Version 5.08 improves compatibility with the latest Windows 10 RTM build (10240) along with improving cleaning for Microsoft Edge. For Professional users, one of the most popular features, Browser Monitoring, now includes compatibility with Edge. And of course, we've also continued to improve a range of other aspects of CCleaner adding cleaning for Foxit Reader 7 and RealTimes and improved Opera 30, Avira Antivirus, BlueSta
  4. Agomo keeps getting better and better! Our developers have been working hard making Agomo the most efficient platform for optimizing your computers. Their hard work is paying off as we've seen a 50% increase in sign-ups in the last 6 months! Whether you're a home user or a business, Agomo has everything you need to keep your computer running at top speed. We've already added the ability to run CCleaner and Defraggler actions across multiple endpoints, so optimizing several computers with one-step has never been easier: And we're continuing to add new features on a regular basis along with
  5. The new CCleaner update has arrived! Read more View the full article
  6. The new CCleaner update has arrived! Version 5.07 focuses on improvements to Google Chrome cache and session cleaning. We've also improved support for the up-coming new browser Microsoft Edge. On top of this, we've added Firefox Web Apps to start-up management as well continuing to refine cleaning for Windows 10. Download now Change log: Improved Microsoft Edge (Spartan / IE 12) cleaning Improved Google Chrome Internet Cache and Session cleaning Added Firefox Web Apps start-up management Improved Windows 10 Recycle Bin and Delayed cleaning support Improved Skip UAC functionality for domai
  7. CCleaner for Android v1.11 is now available!The latest version allows you to run a Quick Clean from the cleaning notification, so you can clean your device in one simple click. On top of this, we've continued to optimize the performance of the App Manager so it can now detect your installed apps faster than ever. We've also continued improving the overall performance and UI of CCleaner for Android! Change log: Added Quick Clean from notifications Optimized App Manager scanning speed Improved Download Files and Bluetooth Folder detailed view Improved Analysis performance Impro
  8. CCleaner version 5.06 is ready for download! In this release we've focused on introducing support for the new browser Microsoft Edge... Spartan or Internet Explorer 12 as some of you may know it.We've also added browser cleaning improvements for Firefox and Google Chrome along with improving our system restore detection algorithm. And as always, the team has been fixing bugs and making a host of performance and GUI improvements! Download now Change log: Added Microsoft Edge (Spartan / IE 12) cleaning Improved Firefox session cleaning Improved Google Chrome Download History cleaning Improv
  9. CCleaner version 5.06 is ready for download! Read more View the full article
  10. MrG

    Agomo Update

    Agomo has been updated! Following the new addition of running CCleaner actions on multiple computers, we've now included Defraggler so you can run a Defrag across all your endpoints in one step. So optimizing several computers has never been easier! On top of this, we've added a great new feature which allows you to copy settings between machines- handy for multi-computer environments. We've also been working hard to make the Help Center more efficient with various performance and functionality improvements! Change log: Added batch Defraggler actions via the actions list (Grid View onl
  11. MrG

    Agomo Update

    Agomo has been updated with some exciting new additions! The latest version adds the ability to run CCleaner across multiple endpoints. This means you can now optimize all your computers with the click of a button! We've also added recent actions to the My Computers grid view so you can quickly see the last Analysis or Clean completed on each of your machines. On top of this, we've been working hard making significant efficiency and performance improvements to the Agomo Agent along with a host of admin and UI improvements. Change log: Added ability to run batch CCleaner actions via the a
  12. CCleaner for Android had been updated to version 1.10!In this release, you can now set Cleaning notifications so you'll be reminded if you have not run a clean recently. We've also added indicators to the App Manager to show which apps autostart or have background services running. On top of this, we've continued to make various stability and cleaning improvements! Change log: Added Cleaning reminder notifications Added Autostart and Background Service indicators to App Manager Improved Call Log cleaning Improved Cache cleaning on Moto devices Improved stability on Samsung No
  13. CCleaner v5.05 is here! Read more View the full article
  14. CCleaner v5.05 is here! In this release we've continued to improve OS compatibility and added support for the latest version of Windows 10 (build 10049).We've also added browser improvements including startup item detection for Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as Opera cache and history cleaning. Along with this, we've optimized high DPI support and made a host of performance and UI improvements! Download now Change log: Improved Windows 10 (build 10049) compatibility Improved Internet Explorer and Firefox Startup Items detection Improved Opera Cache and history cleaning Improved co
  15. MrG

    Recuva v1.52

    Recuva has been updated! In v1.52, we've focused on improving our file system support. This includes the addition of Ext4 support and improvements to the NTFS deep scan algorithm, along with improving the accuracy of statistics when running a scan. We've also continued to make a host of performance and UI improvements! Download now Change log: Added Ext4 file system support Improved NTFS Deep Scan Improved accuracy of scan statistics Improved VHD Image loading (Recuva Professional only) Improved localization and language support Minor GUI improvements Minor tweaks and fixes Connect with us
  16. The latest CCleaner for Android is ready for download!In this version, we've improved the App Manager to show apps that have been disabled. Users with rooted devices can also disable apps themselves, handy when you want to temporarily prevent an app from running or using background data. We've also continued to make a host of performance and UI improvements! Change log: Added ability to disable apps on rooted devices Improved cleaning performance Improved root detection Improved APK file detection Minor GUI improvements Minor bug fixes View the full blog post
  17. Spring is here along with our new CCleaner release! Read more View the full article
  18. Spring is here along with our new CCleaner release! In version 5.04, we've added a feature to ignore new files in your custom cleaning options which is great for the temporary folders of your favorite apps! We've also improved support for smaller screen sizes along with improved user account control skipping functionality. Along with this we've optimized the algorithm for detecting system restore points! Download now Change log: Added Include items option to ignore newer files Improved Opera history cleaning Improved Skip UAC functionality Optimized system restore detection routine Improv
  19. After announcing the pricing plans for our Professional and Business editions, the Agomo team has been working hard to add in new features you've been requesting! The latest version (Build 5967) adds several changes - like the ablity to multi-select computers - which brings Agomo a step closer to easily applying actions across multiple computers. We've also improved the Agomo Help Center with added search functionality, making it easier and quicker to find the information you need. Change log: Added My Computers Grid View Added "Move to Group" Action and Multi-Select (Grid View only) Improv
  20. Defraggler v2.19 has been released! Now you'll be able to select the files or folders you want Defraggler to always move to the end of your drive. We've also added a new scriptable parameter for checking your drive for errors. On top of this we've improved SSD Optimizing and the Quick Optimize function for a faster Defrag! Download Defraggler Release notes: Added move Files or Folders to end of drive Improved SSD Optimize and Quick Optimize Added new scriptable /CHECKERRORS parameter to check drive for errors Added option to disable auto Benchmark after Defrag Improved localizat
  21. CCleaner for Android has been updated! Version 1.08 continues to improve the rooting functionality we introduced in v1.07 and adds a reboot option after running a root uninstall. We've also added the ability to open files from the detail screens, so you can now check the downloaded files that are detected or install APK files that are found! Change log: Improved root uninstall process Added reboot option to root uninstall Added ability to open files from details screen Updated various translations Minor GUI improvements Minor bug fixes View the full blog post
  22. We're excited to announce you can now upgrade to one of our Agomo Professional or Business plans! Agomo will be coming out of beta soon – but demand for upgrades has been so high, we didn't want to wait any longer to announce these plans! These new subscriptions have been designed to be flexible with monthly or yearly payment options to suit you: Agomo Pro is just $5 a month to keep all your home PCs running clean, safe and fast. Monitor and optimize up to 10 machines and add extra features like Clean and Defrag scheduling, priority support and two-factor authentication for an extra layer of
  23. CCleaner version 5.03 is now ready for download! Read more View the full article
  24. CCleaner version 5.03 is now ready for download! In this release we've continued to improve compatibility with Windows 10 Technical Preview, along with better Google Chrome session cleaning and the addition of IndexedDB cleaning. On top of this, we've enhanced accessibility by improving CCleaner's keyboard navigation and shortcuts. Download now Change log: Added Google Chrome IndexedDB cleaning Improved Windows 10 (build 9926) compatibility Improved Firefox and Google Chrome session cleaning Improved Unicode support in Startup tool Improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts Updated vario
  25. For the past few months the team has been working hard behind the scenes making Agomo faster, fixing bugs, improving stability and much more! We will now be posting the new releases on our blog and keeping you up to date with all the changes and upcoming features. This latest version (Build 5963) extends the selection of software titles that can be installed using the Add Software tool along with an improved Agent update process. We've also included various performance and User Interface improvements. All existing users will be automatically updated to this version! Change log: New Add Sof
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