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  2. os: win7 x64 a/v: bitdefender, turned off uac is turned off error opening file for writing: c:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe installer does install CCleaner64.exe if i chose ignore and continue install.
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  4. It's just a warning (from Safari probably) that the sites you are visiting may not be fully trusted. There could be may reasons why; The site may still be using http instead of https The sites security licence may be expired (or be due for renewal). there nay be something dodgy about an advertisment on that webpage. There may have been some 'infection' on that site in the past. and other reasons. They are just being careful and looking after you, sometimes they are too careful - but they are trying to look after people who don't know much about computers and computer scams. I use Malwarebytes Bowser Guard on Firefox and get 4 or 5 similar warnings everyday;. It depends what I am looking at - as a moderator of a few forums I probably see and visit more dodgy stuff than a 'normal' computer user would. In the end they are just warnings to say: 'that webpage/website has something unusal that we don't like and we think you should avoid it - but it's up to you to decide'. Of course the only way to decide is to go there and have a look for yourself. And that's up to you, if you are unsure then don't go there.
  5. Hello. I have a problem, every time when I use skype and at the same time use safari I get notified with messages about danger web-sites but they are not. What can be the problem? I ran a ccleaner and everything is ok.
  6. same problem as Roel1, 8gb card showing as 4gb in Speccy but correctly in gpu-z/cpu-z no fixes as of yet?
  7. Hi nukecad, Thanks for your help and assistance, will transfer them to cookies to keep to start and see how it goes.
  8. We have seen this before, but not for a while. Which version of Windows are you using? If I remember correctly then it can happen if you are using a low resolution or a magnification factor on your desktop, usually as part of Windows Accessibility options. Clicking on the Maximise button in the CCleaner window should fit it to your screen resolution so that you can access everything.
  9. Wjat Windows version? What antivirus do you use?
  10. If it's being removed after it has installed then that's usually being done by an Antivirus app. There are currently (at least) three AV's where if the AV is an old version it will remove the latest CCleaner versions. Updating from within the AV itself will not always cure the issue, you need to download the latest version from the AV's website. For example - Trend Micro 2018 and 2019 will both say that they are up to date but will remove newer CCleaner versions, Updating Trend Micro from their website to the 2020 version stops that happening. Which antivirus are you using?
  11. I kind of found a fix. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds Download the portable no installer version and that works for me while I wait for a fix.
  12. Yes you could transfer them to cookies to keep, or make them an exclude in Options>Exclude. Either method will leave them alone and not display them when you analyze or clean with Custom Clean; but of course that means they are ignored and will not be cleaned. Note that those options only work if you are using Custom Clean. If you are using Health Check then it does it's own thing and doesn't follow your custom choices. Which can be used to advantage - If you ocassionally want to clean your 'Cookies to Keep' or 'Excludes' then running Health Check will usually clear them.
  13. That is simply an addition. If Firefox crashes then it will create a report and send it to mozilla so they can analyze why it crashed. CCleaner 5.67 has added an option to remove those crash reports. If you want to make sure that mozilla gets any crash report then leave it unticked. Maybe tick it a week after any Firefox crash, clean, then untick it again?.
  14. One workaround for older OSes (I'm not sure if it's Win8.1 specifically, although it has been recommended for Win7) is to instead download and install the Slim builds going forward (something to do with how the installer works now): https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds Also check your antivirus logs, not too long ago a couple of antivirus' wouldn't allow a new version due to false positives.
  15. For the last several months, everytime your program, which I have been using for over 10 years, tries to update, it uninstalls itself and disappears. I am running Windows 8.1 64 on a standard box and have the professional edition. Is there a workaround to this? Why is this happening only this year?
  16. Hi nukecad, Thanks for your reply and the link, which I found very interesting. I very rarely log in to my google account and I don't think I have any kind of google content pre-loading. The tiles on my start menu that are 'Live' are:- Calendar Weather Photos Microsoft Edge WiFi Analyzer Speedtest Skype Groove Music Microsoft Store OneNote for Windows 10 Microsoft News Money Film & TV Facebook Solitaire HP Touchpoint Manager Mail Can I just transfer the 4 Google Chrome Cookies listed to 'Cookies to Keep' in 'Options' > 'Cookies' or will this cause any problems?
  17. I've been trying to update my version of the app for a couple of months now I have the program installed on a secondary drive as opposed to C drive when I click on the install button after customizing I'm met with a white screen and nothing else, the program fails to install / fails to give any sort of error message I've relegated myself to using the portable version now, even though I have UAC disabled I still run the program as admin & have full access rights too all drives on this pc I'm at a loss on what could be causing this so I've come here for help.
  18. Follow up on last post...on reading the documentation it says the latest version has added "Crash Reports " for deletion...so does that mean it deletes these crash reports after they have been shown ..not do away with crash reporting ...I use Firefox...I know I'm not very bright
  19. At this point, this issue has gone on for so long, that I suspect they are never going to fix this in the free version...
  20. so I guess this is a common problem with Speccy eh? Ryzen 5 1600 AF! Speccy has wrong temperatures and actually detects it as 14nm instead of 12nm as it should be.
  21. Those look like empty cookies that Chrome is recreating again as soon as you/CCleaner deletes them. They probably have above 0KB the first time that you run CCleaner, after that they are empty until you use Chrome again. I wouldn't worry too much about them. See here for an explanation of why some cookies and other files always come back straight away after you have cleaned them: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043 Just how google is recreating those empty cookies if Chrome isn't actually running is another question. Do you stay logged into your google account? Any 'Live Tiles' on the start menu connected to google content? (Weather, news, etc.). Any kind of google content pre-loading?
  22. I too have been getting the "An error occurred with code: Failed to make connection (26)". This has been going on for over a year. I have had no help in figuring out the problem.
  23. Freshly updated to 5.67.7763 64 Bit I am running windows 10 pro 64-bit I just bought a license to use the software updater feature. All I get is "An error occurred with code: Failed to make connection (26)" I've disabled Emsisoft and malwarebytes to see if either of those were the issue.
  24. Latest is that they left out a registry modification step in the fix, but after doing that I still haven't gotten it to work. You might should notify them of your problem too - support@0patch.com.
  25. Other have reported this too. See here https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/58368-browser-plugins-not-showing/
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