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  2. Thank you for adding Process Hacker to the latest database update However, I've found another "cached" installation/update package located in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Process Hacker\Cache folder. There's another "NYGWEFSCZHOPGSU" folder inside of it and a processhacker-build-setup.exe file there.
  3. Fixed from information you referenced at: Fixing the problem was simply a matter of adding ccleaner to Trend Micro's security exception list. Why that exception had to be added after all these years I can't explain but I'm happy to have solved the problem easily. Thanks so much for your help hazlenut!
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  5. I also only use offline accounts and still have both folders on all systems. I found out that the service "Connected Devices Platform User Service_xxxxx" is responsible for the folder "random string" and the service "Connected Devices Platform Service" for the folder "L.username". The service "Connected Devices Platform User Service_xxxxx" can only be disabled permanently via the registry. However, since the service is no longer used only for sync tasks, it is better not to disable it - as you have already written. After deleting the cache databases, I have not noticed any side effects, at least until now.
  6. Disable prompt to renew Professional license, please add the ability to disable it via a checkbox as it's essentially adware and If I bought pro I should have the option to disable it.
  7. Application tab>Windows>MS Search What does this clean? I know it says MS search but I am not sure what that is or where to find it. For example, is that the search function I am using when I search for a file in Windows Explorer? Is it the search used when I use the search box in the task bar? If I tick the box next to it will it mess up indexing and Windows will have to index again? I have used Ccleaner for years and never ticked the box because I thought it would corrupt Indexing but maybe it just removes the list of searchs I have done somewhere in Windows. Thank you in advance for information.
  8. Hi Nergal, Thanks for getting back to me. 1. When I run CCcleaner it the program shows up in the Task manager but it shows its using 0 resources. 2. It is no longer running in compatibility mode. 3. I have already disabled my antivirus (AV Defender) I also disabled the Windows firewall during installation during installation. I will mention that even with my antivirus on I am able to install CCcleaner on other PCs, so it does not look like the antivirus is affecting the installation.
  9. Hi, I got the exact same issues as AaronF247 with Ccleaner Free recent update. If it helps. I used Norton Security Premium and have just also updated to Norton 360 Premium. Both have the same results trying to load in CCleaner Free. I would like to say your perious v5.64.7613 or before that has never been an issue to Norton secuity version.
  10. Now, today, when posting a reply it looks like it never posts it since it just sits in the edit window where we submit reply. However opening the topic in another tab shows that it was successful. Might result into some double-posting.
  11. I only use an offline account too. When I used SMalik's revised [Activity History *] cleaner I had to stop both of these services for it to work (full names as seen in Services): * Connected Devices Platform Service * Connected Devices Platform User Service_48409 I wonder if it's safe to just disable those two services, or not? Edit: I'll answer my own question. It cannot be left disabled because it screws with things like Win10's Night Light, and who knows what else that's tied into it, so I won't even bother cleaning Activity History again.
  12. I was in the same boat, got the spiel that was mentioned here. They like the idea of repeat business and the wording was shady and I felt duped and needless to say I was pissed. The cloud based model may have wet their appetite for the renewal type models and I am sure Illuminati CEO's, politicians or porn hub staff would find it handy. On that joke I just want to kill the message, I don't care about the updates as I have other apps that update for me. I am sure they put a lot of work into it but price is as high as my avast premier license. If it was less I would probably renew it. I bought a license just like many have here back in 2016 and do not want to see the buy again message.
  13. Next time add function autokill LOL
  14. Meh,old piriforms ccleaner was way better than this clone...
  15. You simply have to wait longer, because CCleaner now has to process thousands of new entries. When all entries have been processed, CCleaner is ready for operation again. To speed up the start again, you can use the Trim function of Winapp2ool. Please read post #1: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/?tab=comments#comment-175835
  16. My Key has the correct expiration date when I check it on CCleaner's site. But my app did not show the proper date. Support just got back to me an manually corrected it and said one of their renewal servers was having issues. I am good to go now. Thank you!!!
  17. This company brokes programm cause they been hacked...
  18. This sh!t freezed programm after updating,little bit scared when programm stuck at launching....
  19. It not a scam, it is simply the way that Windows works. (And what Health Check calls 'trackers' are not what you or I would usually call trackers). In this particular case it is the Windows restart that is re-creating the files that are found to be cleaned. See the link in my signature below any of my posts for an explanation. If you can't see my signature because of your browser settings then: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
  20. So i downloaded latest version and i've noticed in tools section startup,windows services which can be disable or even remove... Why the hell you are put this? This function never was before. You want that users screwed up with that by accidentally doing something in windows services? Basically i love this ccleaner programm,been using many years but when you bought it from original company and adding nonsense function,tools etc it makes programm unsafe...
  21. This 'only run once following install' behaviour is a sign that a programme is being blocked from running by your antivirus programme. So as Hazelnut asked which AV are you using?
  22. Good to hear it's sorted.
  23. This should be fixed in v5.65, released 24th March: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history
  24. @kenzach Zacher: this has nothing to do with software updater. If you are having a problem with malwarebytes please start your own thread, or add to one of the other threads where people are having problems with AV companies being too short-staffed to keep their whitelists up-to-date at the moment,
  25. The EasyClean/ Healthcheck appears bogus. Cleaned and ran Healthcheck several times, restarted and it repeats exactly 61 trackers found despite cleaning and no internet activity in between. I believe this is totally misleading and appears to be a scam. Anyone care to comment. Rune the cleaner, then Healthcheck then restart and open CCleaner. I get exactly the same amount of trackers that I supposedly cleaned prior to restart.... Hmmmmm
  26. I accidently quick formatted my 2T ext hdd. Recuva found files and says the 2T disk is not large enough for restored files. Can I save to 2 disks? How?
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