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  2. The simple answer is that there are no records in the MFT flagged as deleted that match your selection criteria. A deep scan will not help as it doesn't return any file names, as they are held in the MFT. Securely deleted files (if I remember correctly, years since I've done any) are renamed so they also won't be found, and if they were they would contain zeroes.
  3. I delete files almost daily. I'll admit that a lot of the files are securely deleted, but not all of them by any means. Why are there 0 Files found? Okay, I clicked the Scan button. Now it says over 420K files found, but none matches to the filter. Do I really have to do a Deep Scan just to see files deleted unsecurely? Thank you, Michael
  4. It's something that has caught a few out before; and it's not realy something that Piriform have control over. If/when you do a Google search on the topic of restoring the registry in CCleaner, the first entry that comes up in Google is the CCleaner Network documentation talking about endpoints. The home user documentation/faq is the second entry that Google lists. (Which doesn't talk about networked endpoints). https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/faq/using/how-do-i-restore-registry-backups Of course many/most people seraching don't notice that and simply click on the first entry found, which takes them to the CCleaner Network docs.
  5. Have you been using a default official ringtone or custom ringtone? According to my knowledge default ringtones can only be removed after having root access.
  6. sorry for late reply Working as usual, great job Hopefully it won't happen in the future as it can goes unnoticed unless you're making and testing winapp2.ini entries
  7. Actually looking at your screenshot again, the instructions are in the ccleaner network documents. So it looks like you may have been in the wrong place, but my edits on the instructions should get you through it.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thank you Nergal, that makes sense. Bit sloppy of Piriform! I have copied to support.
  10. End point means your pc. Those directions, while still valid, seem to be written with ccleaner cloud in mind. In step 2 it means to say you should go to the folder that you saved the registry back-up (default is your documents folder).
  11. Stopped it this morning. Checked and all the images are there so now just copying to a ssd, and this hard drive is relegated to the drawer. Thanks for your interesting advice
  12. Yes, I read the instructions in CCleaner! Instruction #1 says "Log on to the Endpoint as an administrator." So.... what or where is "the Endpoint" and how do I log-on to it? I'm generally pretty computer savy but never heard of "Endpoint". Thanks, Phil
  13. That's why I've been using ESR Portable builds for a few years now. It's still my primary browser but it was difficult to migrate back to it after years of only using Chromium clones.
  14. I think Firefox is in trouble. People are moving to other browsers because of problems the latest builds have caused.
  15. A lot of companies seem to be using C-19 as an excuse to do what they wanted to anyway. (Laying off staff, cutting product ranges, increasing prices, etc). Much easier to blame 'the plauge' rather than admit it's a business decision. Did you see the other day that Eurostar claimed that only First Class passengers could now access wifi on their cross-channel trains "due to coronavirus"? Hard to see how a disease in humans could affect in-tunnel wifi broadcast for some parts of a train but not others, but of course if you pay the extra for first class..... (They have since u-turned and restored wifi to standard class, they must have found a miracle cure). As far as mozilla, I suspect that someone has realised that the open source community seem to do most of their work for them so why are they paying all these employees? The comments about the diversity of new (unwanted?) initiatives and products rather than concentrating on the core product is something that always happens. (Years ago Kellogs moving into other cereals and not just cornflakes simply lost them most of the cornflake market). It seems to be happening with quite a few software companies at the moment, I see it as a wave of 'new' executives trying to make an impression by championing new products and forgetting what the company is about. I see Firefox continuing, run by the open source community, but mozilla maybe not. I'm not sure about the security issue, not knowing just what that team were doing anyway, we'll see what comes out in the wash once all the shouting dies down. With Malwarebytes Browser Guard and MB Anti-Exploit both running real time, I'm not too worried yet.
  16. Hi, the standard version download can be done today without Virus detected message successfully.
  17. I'm not sure how it got turned on, but there a few different ways, maybe you somehow set 'A notification when new content is posted' You can change that, and your other notification and email settings yourself: Click the little arrow next to you username at the top right of any forum page. Click on 'Account Settings'. In the page that opens look on the right side and click on 'Notification Settings'. You can now turn on/off which notifcations and/or emails you get. There general options at the top and then below those there are on/off sliders for control of if you get an email or a notification on the forum for different things. When you've finished setting them as you want click on 'Save'
  18. First question, are you running Health Check? Those tick/unticks only apply to Custom Clean, Health Check ignores them and uses it's own cleaning rules. If you are not running Health Check then are you meaning the recent list when you right click an icon on the taskbar (Taskbar jumplist)? If so then check this to make sure that they haven't been turned off in Windows itself: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-recent-files-and-locations-jump-lists-windows-10 Also check that you aren't cleaning 'Recent Files' in the app itself. Or are you meaning the 'hover over' small windows, or lists, that you see when hovering over an open apps Icon on the Taskbar (Taskbar Previews)? https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/replace-taskbar-previews-list-view-on-windows-10/ I believe that you mean the first, which is what CCleaner will/should clear,. (But I can't test if CCleaner is cleaning them or not here because I always have them turned off in Windows anyway, so would need to turn them on again then open/close things to fill the lists up again). It it happening for you to all recent file lists on the taskbar icons, or only for certain apps? Last questions are you possibly running the Registry Cleaner?
  19. Reminds me of what I was saying the other day about needing browser alternatives instead of umpteen Chromium/Chrome clones (i.e.; like needing something like Edge Legacy), I thought Firefox was on borrowed time now this.
  20. If you have Administrative privileges in you user Windows user account, you can schedule CCleaner using Windows Task scheduler.
  21. I strongly suggest FF users read this. Especially the comments under the article... it doesn't sound good. https://www.ghacks.net/2020/08/11/mozilla-lays-off-250-employees-in-massive-company-reorganization/ In case anyone misses this link too in the comments under the article https://twitter.com/MichalPurzynski/status/1293220570885062657 ''They killed entire threat management team. Mozilla is now without detection and incident response''
  22. I fixed it for you. You shouldn't get new notifications through email now.
  23. Not only did I get the pop up reminding me that business use is forbidden, now I get email notifications of new comments. Is there any way to turn off all of this?
  24. Last week
  25. Thanks for the report, we'll try to get this resolved.
  26. We believe this to be a false positive. Microsoft was incorrectly blocking the installer is no longer doing so. Currently everything is clean on VirusTotal. We have no evidence of any virus. Let us know if the problem persists, but it should have resolved itself already or will do very soon. I was unable to reproduce this Chrome block myself.
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