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  2. Can you give any more deail on what happens when you try to run it? Where are you getting the CCleaner download from? When did you purchase the licence for CCleaner Pro please? Which security software are you using please?
  3. I have used CCleaner Professional for about 10Y on my Work Laptop, including the last year with Windows 10 Pro, after I obtained a new Laptop. However, once I upgraded to Version 1909 (Nov-2019 Windows 10 Release) in January, CCleaner has quit running. I can Uninstall and Reinstall new Versions successfully but no version from 5.65 onward will run on my Laptop with this version of Windows 10. I want to continue to support CCleaner but if it will not run on my Laptop, I will uninstall and look for competitors Software with the same functionality but runs on Version 1909 of Windows 10.
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  5. Augeas

    Filename too long

    Try to recover it to a folder in the root directory which has a name of one letter only, i.e. d:\x This will only add one letter to the file's full path name and with a bit of luck it can be recovered, then renamed.
  6. I've used Recuva for the first time to recover some .MOV and .JPG files from an SD card that had an error. All files were in 'excellent' condition and were recovered. When I viewed them, all JPGs worked fine and one of the MOVs. In Windows 10 'Films & TV', the other MOVs came up with the error 'item is unplayable – please reacquire the content 0xc00d36e5'. How can I get these files working?
  7. So you ticked the D drive ?
  8. Thank you for you quick actions. Hopefully this can be updated soon.
  9. I have made sure that CCLeaner is the latest version. I made sure it was on entire drive in the option. Slected the drive then clicked ok. I then get a pop up window which has a box to type something in with nothing t state what needs to be typed in. and has two buttons 'ok' & 'cancel' the ok but can't be clicked and the cancel button does cancel. No drive is wiped!
  10. Working on laptop now. Had to uninstall 0Patch and CC, then reinstall CC and 0Patch, then do the fixes.
  11. Are you using 0Patch? If so, see https://0patch.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013175099-CCleaner.
  12. Are you using 0Patch? If so, see https://0patch.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013175099-CCleaner.
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  14. lol I also have this issue and I'm not even running intel, built a brand new ryzen 5 rig late last year and my asus b-150 prime board reads the same thing in speccy. All my old pcs I've built have read rediculously high for Mb temp in speccy aswell. I came to the conclusion a while ago that I will forever ignore this bug and will definitely find an app that yea know... Works <3
  15. Is there any way to know which files were only partly recovered? I'm restoring about 45,000 files (!), and 22 were only partly recovered. If I knew which ones, i could run a deep scan and see if they can be recovered that way. But there's no way I'll be able to identify which ones by opening 45,000 files to identify corrupted ones. Help?
  16. I have one file that can't be restored because the filename is too long. I'd be happy to rename it or have it recover with a truncated name. Is there any way to recover it?
  17. I install it to a secondary drive (not C) I have however tried both C & E drives with the same results of a white screen after pressing the install button. I'm not sure if the program install is hanging or if it's actually running but when I check the directory where it would be written there's no data for it and it just closes without asking if I'm sure when I click the X to cancel EDIT: I forgot to mention that yes it was up until about three or four months ago it started working just fine
  18. nukecad

    Warning Message

    Basically it's a warning that the app your are downloading (in this case CCleaner) contains advanced features that could cause problems for your computer if used incorrectly. (These warnings are meant for inexperienced users - they're a bit like a mother warning chidren not to cross the road on their own). Which application is showing you this message? I'm assuming that it's your antivirus showing the message, so which antivirus are you using? It could also be something that's built into your browser. Some AV's, and other security measures, do not like the fact that CCleaner (still) includes a registry cleaner. Microsoft themselves keep changing their mind about it, occasionally Windows will show such a warning most of the time it won't. And they are quite correct that using the Registry Cleaner can harm your computer - If it is used wrongly, or blindly by someone who is not familiar with the workings of the Registry. We do see posts on here at times from people who have run the Registy Cleaner blithely without understanding what it is intended to be used for, and so have 'broken' their registry. Often that means that they have to reinstall Windows again from scratch. If you don't understand the Registry then don't run any Registry Cleaner, Especially do not run a registry cleaner if you have Windows 10.
  19. I have brought this to the attention of admin.
  20. I am having the same issue: Please note the thread referenced is from 2019 and indicates this would be a server-side issue that you need to repair.
  21. As i know,upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7,nothing will be changed on computer.however, some software is not compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 10, so you need to reinstall it.
  22. To start with don't restore those red marked files they're dead. It found many old files making the total size of found files bigger than the 8tb
  23. Dave is there any update yet on a timetable as to when the Defraggler changes will go live? its June now...
  24. I am about to download ccsetup567.exe. I get this warning message: "This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep ccsetup567.exe anyway? What should I do? I have never received this type of message when updating CCleaner before.
  25. Last week
  26. I did. It prompted for admin privileges during the install so I had to select my admin account in the UAC prompt during install. Unless you are saying the installation will work fine under a non-admin user account context? Its not the hidden MS Admin account. It is my Microsoft account with admin privileges which I don't use. I originally setup Windows using my Microsoft account because from memory, when I first installed Windows 10, Microsoft needs my Microsoft account to setup Windows 10. So I decided, in keeping with best practice, I create a non-admin account and use that going forward. As far as I can remember, my non-admin account is not associated with any Microsoft account. Its just a Windows 10 installation not integrated to any Active Directory and my day-to-day account is just a local normal user account. When UAC asks for elevated permissions such as admin rights, I select my Microsoft account which is a member of the local Administrator group. I get why UAC is there. I just think to clean my local non-admin user junk files/browser cache, etc., it should be modified to; Not touch things it isn't privileged for - I can't imagine cleaning my junk files, temp directories, browser cache, etc would need escalated privileges anyway because there are tools out there that does exactly that (CCleaner Pro competitors) and the browser's built-in clear all cache/history function also doesn't trigger a UAC prompt. When it does find something it doesn't have rights for, it should skip it, report it or both (as an option). The user experience would be much more pleasant that way.
  27. Recuva scanned my 8TB drive and found 7,452 GB of files and folders. I tried to recover the contents to a new 8TB drive. I'm getting the message: "Insufficient disk space! Available: 7,452 GB Necessary: 11,142 GB. Do you want to change the destination folder?" What do I need to do to recover the 8TB to my new 8 TB?
  28. I'm not sure now if this is a genuine post or setup spam. (I note that a link has been removed, but no further action taken). Plus although this is the 'Windows Security section the OP is now talking about a Mac. We are not alowed to help with malware removal on this forum. We are allowed to point you to approved sites where you can get one-to-one help if you think (or know) that your machine is infected. Malwarebytes forums have a section where you can get help cleaning up an infected Mac, or just having it checked over if you suspect an infection: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/165-mac-malware-removal-help-support/
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