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  2. Sorry, I was referring to the beer as beer the dangerous component, especially when handling nuclear materials. <g>
  3. Sadly it is frowned upon to mention competition software i've edited your post to reflect that rule
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  5. I don't know if this is frowned upon, but as Recuva crashes and hasn't been updated in 6 years, I guess there might be more people that would find this helpful: I was able to recover almost all of my files using the competing product [competition software name]. I don't know if Recuva would have restored more, since it crashes while scanning, but it looks to me close to everything was recovered.
  6. One way to get the estimates out-of-whack is if something is configured to be cleaned twice. Such as something CCleaner cleans it by default, and then someone essentially duplicates the same thing in either Custom Files and Folders or winapp2.ini.
  7. ukbadge

    Analyse v Cleans

    Funny thing is, the one on my laptop is the free version and the one on my PC, which is the registered version, is the one with the problem.
  8. Good to hear it seems to be sorted for you. Many of the people in my town work, or have worked, in the nuclear industry. We've not blown up yet, but a reactor did catch fire 63 years ago. It's an interesting story if you don't know it, - people in PVC overalls and WW2 gas masks pushing uranium fuel rods out of the burning reactor with scaffolding poles: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/windscale-fire-britains-chernobyl-covered-15774677 More technical: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windscale_fire We are still cleaning it up. (Not me personally). https://nda.blog.gov.uk/2019/10/10/sixty-two-years-on/
  9. He stated trying the Portable ZIP build and that didn't work, so I don't see how the Slim build will be any different. Might be worth looking through the Windows Event Viewer log to see if it has logged any errors for it.
  10. The issue seems to be fixed now. Thanks to you. BTW, nuclear and beer don't mix. It'll blow in your face! <g>
  11. If you use a temporary-containers style of browsing in firefox (new containers spawned and destroyed per-tab-tree if the initial url isn't pre configured to open in a specific container already) take care that they're not being retained I recently discovered that something had caused my multi-account containers to retain several hundred containers that were meant to be destroyed when their last tab had been closed. It was causing some severe overhead on startup and when opening new tabs until I removed them manually
  12. Thank you very much for your prompt answer! I wonder why the manufacturer does not give it directly - instead of the error code. Stay healthy! Greetings from Germany - Alf
  13. You have the latest version already. It was released 08 Jun 2016.
  14. Hello, I bought RECUVA about 5 months ago and now I have the version> v1.53.1087(64bit) <. Whenever I click on UPDATE a small window with> 0x2f07 appears: a redirection request changes a non-secure connection to a secure one. < / >Buy< / >Register< / Cancel<. I have reinstalled and registered several times, but no success! What is wrong? Thanks for Help! (System: WIN 10/64-Bit/ Security: Norton 360°/)
  15. - Ran both Defraggler and RAMMAP again today and saw 102 (!!!) instances of "Defraggler.exe". I.e. 102 DF zombie processes.
  16. @kubakakauko - Start defragmenting these folders first: C:\Windows C:\Program files C:\Program files(x86) - If starting programs is super slow then I would also check the health of the drive. What do you see when you open the "Health" tab in Defraggler ?
  17. I open and close the lid several dozen times a day.
  18. nukecad

    Analyse v Cleans

    It's a known issue, Health Check does similar as well. The developers seem to be having trouble tracking down just what is causing it, or if they have found the cause then finding/implementing a cure. Or maybe as it's a reporting rather than functional bug it's just not a high priority to investigate the cause and fix it? I suspect that the majority of users never even notice it. Interesting that you say it doesn't happen on your laptop, it does on mine. That begs the question of what is different on your laptop to your PC? (I have my own suspicions of a few things that may be causing it, but I'm just a user and not one of the devs).
  19. The remaining days will/should be added to your new subscription, but it may take up to 15 working days to see that reflected. (Allowing for weekends call that 20 actual days). See this article: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039530092-Will-I-lose-any-time-on-my-subscription-if-I-take-an-offer-to-renew-early-
  20. I'm not sure whether this is much of a problem but it bugs me when I don't know why. CCleaner does this everytime on my PC. Under 'custom clean' I click on analyze and it comes up with an approximate figure. I then click clean and the final figure cleaned is almost 4 x the analyzed figure. For example the last time I ran it it said analyze: 344mb and cleans 1.235mb. It doesn't happen on my laptop.
  21. It's a 3.5 TB disc so a full disc defrag will take time, and is not needed here. Looking at your screenshot the disc is nicely consolidated (the space used is all in one block) so it's the files themselves that are fragmented. That is what Windows was reporting, that all your files were in one block so zero cluster fragmentation (Although some files were fragmented). Do a file defrag, it's quicker. It will still take a while with that level of fragmentation, but nowhere near as long as a full disc defrag of a 3.5 TB disc. Analyze, then click on 'View Files' (or open the File tab), in the window that opens click on the box top left to select all the fragmented files found, then click on 'Defrag Checked'. A quick explanation of the difference: A full disc defrag gets all the files together into one block to free up space on a disk. You don't need that here, your files are in one block and you have plenty of free space. (Doing that will fragment some files to pack them into the minimum number of disc clusters). A file defrag gets each file into one contiguous piece, so that it loads (slightly) faster. (Doing that may leave a few 'holes' in the block of files, because some clusters will not be' full to the top', but you won't notice that). So in your case a file defrag is all you need. Once you have got the first one done then your files should not get into the same 45% fragmented state again, so future weekly/monthly file defrags will be much quicker. EDIT- TBH defragmenting is something of a hangover from the past days of small discs and slow processors, it's rarely needed with modern computers. Modern computers usually have plenty of disc space, and faster discs and processors mean files load pretty quickly even if they are fragmented. But we all like things to be neat and in one piece, so defragging is not going to go away even if it's not realy necessary.
  22. Good, please keep us posted. Unfortunately with things like this (laptop going to sleep) it takes a while to properly test and see if changing something has worked. You have to let it go to sleep and wake up as you would normally use it, which of course takes time if you only normally let it sleep once a day.
  23. Can you try an uninstall with a RESTART of your machine afterwards. Do you have any problems like this with any other software? What other security type software do you run apart from Windows Defender? Have you altered any settings in Windows Defender? What happens if you do an install of the Slim Build and don't put a tick in 'release notes' box? (It's last in the list on the Builds page)
  24. I have sent three emails to Ccleaner about this and have not received the courtesy of any form of reply. My subscription is due to end on 27th July 2020. I renewed it on July 5th. Now my license shows the next expiry date is 5th July 2021. Why? What happened to the remaining 22 days for my 2019/2020 subscription. Same thing happened last year when i renewed. Why?
  25. Hey, Programs where opening super slow so I scanned my HDD with Windows Defrag and the result showed 0% fragmentation. I knew it was false since I recently removed bunch of files and old games. I installed Defraggler and started the Defrag. It came out to be 45% fragmentation. ( 670GB of Fragmentation ) It takes unbelievably long time for any progress to take place. It took it 3h to go from ( 670GB to 669.5GB ) My Specs are as follows: Raid 0 HDDs: Total: 3.5 TB Free: 2.0 TB Used: 1.4 TB 16GB RAM i7-4790k GTX 1080ti What could be the cause and fix of this issue. I really want to defrag the HDD but at the same time I dont want to keep my PC running for a whole week
  26. I have tried several versions of cc cleaner. Same results. I am guessing others have had this but not bothered to report it, just installed your competition. All versions say they have installed. I have tried uninstalling and installing fresh download. When click "finish" button with "open" and "release notes" box ticked, It opens the release notes page in browser, cc cleaner appears in task manager processes but does not load on monitor or show in the taskbar. It shows in control panel as installed. No size is shown in the programs and features "size" column. When click the exe a second time task manager shows 2 instances but no message or application windows appear on screen or taskbar. 16 gb ram, 4 core, 11% CPU used. 1 TB hard drive, 250+Gb available. Curiously, task manager describes the process as 32 bit but compatibility troubleshooter says "CCleaner64" (run as administrator) I have run scandisk did not fix. Have had no problems like this with any other software installations between cc cleaner attempts. After troubleshooter, tried rightclick run as admin, now not even showing in task manager. No AV except windows defender. When I uninstalled the previous version today the uninstall window said 'tech version' or something. Just tried downloading portable from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds, extracted, clicked CCleaner64.exe, it showed in task manager, clicked yes on UAC, then it disappeared from task manager. Nothing except the UAC appeared on screen or taskbar.
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  28. So far so good when it is OFF. Still no reoccurrences ...
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