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  2. The first means run a custom clean at start-up, which then closes the program because of the third
  3. I found out that 0Patch is causing the problem - see https://0patch.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013175099-CCleaner. I've applied the fix, but it still won't work so I've reached out to them again. Will post followup when I hear fromthem.
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  5. I get the same problem? What shall I do about it, please someone help me, thank you. Jamesbabydoll
  6. Please note that I also am seeing this behavior were my CCleaner is launched at startup and runs minimized to startup tray. But, at a point it seems to disappear from the tray. I also check Task Manager and CCleaner is no longer running. I launch again and after a while it stops again. I checked the settings recommended by support earlier: Options > Settings > Run CCleaner when the computer starts Options > Smart Cleaning Options > Advanced > Close program after a Custom Clean Options > Advanced > Minimize to System Tray It is set like this. Let me know if there are any logs or things I can look at to understand why it closes.
  7. Why don't the programs appear when I try to uninstall one from CC cleaner on a mac?
  8. There is one issue that has not been mentioned in any of the stories on the web which was relayed to Microsoft months ago, reportedly fixed in preview builds, but exists in the current build of 2004. The Defragment and Optimize Drives tool, for a great number of people who are using solid state drives, reports that optimization is needed within minutes after optimization is run. And, the schedule for running the tool is changed behind the scenes from 'weekly' to 'daily'.
  9. I'm running Windows 10. Dave, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Ccleaner professional upgrade and it gave me v5.44 again.
  10. I've got the pro version and I'm having the exact same problem with this new upgrade and absolutely want it back like it was with the ability to disable extensions also. If this is a glitch then they need to fix it, if this is a function they decided to remove PUT IT BACK. If I have to uninstall and reinstall the previous version to get it back I will and when it comes time to renew I will think twice about doing it. I've got one question I'd like answered...Is this a glitch or did you drop the extension function ??? Thank you.
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  12. Thanks, for your response! I messed with it all day yesterday and the only way it would work is if I reset ccleaner and then the first box opened not sure what it was I did not check that box but when the second one opened I had to check the box to force edge to close then it would work. You are correct edge chromium needed to be closed before it would work. However, the good news is ccleaner had a new update today and so far it worked perfectly. Hope it continues this way. Thanks for the heads up on the new Microsoft version 2004. Thank-you .Ccleaner thanks for the update today!
  13. I understand the difference between plugins and extensions, but previous versions of CCleaner show both. It was a nice way to make sure there wasn't anything unwanted installed before running a browser.
  14. Note that FileHippo seems to have gone rogue recently and points the "free download" button to a cart to buy the paid version when trying to download old versions. If this happens to you then go with the trial instead - it's 14 days of the Professional version (if you have not already taken a trial recently) which then reverts to free if you don't buy. No credit card required for the trial. No we'd don't do any of that card-on-file surprise billing if you forget to cancel your trial (that kind of nonsense just ends up costing us a fortune on refunds). That said, we do have millions of users successfully cleaning with Windows 7 and CCleaner 5.66. Looking at the problems people have had over the past couple of months, the most likely causes of problems are either outdated AV, setting a firewall to block CCleaner or, as @nukecad pointed out, running in XP or Vista compatibility mode - which I would encourage you to check.
  15. You have given me another though. Is it possible that CCleaner 5.66 and 5.67 were trying to run in compatibility mode for an earlier Windows version? (XP or Vista). v5.64 was the last version to officially support XP/Vista, so a later version wouldn't run in such a compatibility mode. (5.65 shouldn't really run in XP/Vista compatibility mode either, but....) To check for that: In File Explorer right click on CCleaner.exe and select Properties. Select the Compatibility tab and check that 'Run in compatibility mode for:' is unticked. (You could also do the same for CCleaner64.exe but they should both be the same.).
  16. Try and download the free version of 5.65. Yes, it shows.
  17. Filehippo is showing both the free and the trial versions of 5.65 for me: The Free and Pro versions are exactly the same programme. It's simply that some features are disabled in the Free version, they are still there but just not accessible until/unless your register. If 5.65 is working for you then I'd use that for now, don't worry if you have installed the trial version, the trial it will turn itself off after 14 days just leaving the free version.
  18. Having a look around the web I see a lot of shouting, warnings, (and some scaremongering), about those 10 issues that were already know about before the launch and so already have a Hold on offering the upgrade if your machine may be affected. Of course anyone who circumvents the Windows Update holds and upgrades by other methods, such as the Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant, may fall foul of one of those known issues. I've not yet come across any issue reported by anyone who has actually installed the upgrade to 2004.
  19. I disabled auto-protect on Norton as the only way to do more would be to uninstall it. No change. I went to file-hippo and the only older versions available are the professional ones. I did try a trial version of 5.65 and it did open. So it seems the free version is somewhat crippled at this time and will exhibit what I've seen on some systems. Thanks for trying. I've been using this for many years and this is the first and probably last failure.
  20. Note that 'Plugins' are not the same as 'Extensions' or 'Add-ons'. I have the same two plugins in Firefox, they are put there by Firefox. The Extensions/Add-ons that I have added myself are not shown in CCleaner's 'Browser Plugins' section - because they are not plugins.
  21. CCleaner v5.67.7763 Chrome shows no browser plugins at all, and Firefox only shows Windvine and OpenH264 Video Codec plugins.
  22. You would not have been offered it through Windows Update if any of those particular issues affected your machine. They are not issues that have been 'found' since the launch, they were already known about and the list was issued at the same time as the launch. There is a 'Comaptability Hold' so that machines affected by those particular issues will not be offered the upgrade through Windows Update.
  23. You would not have been offered it through Windows Update if any of those issues affected your machine. There is a 'Comaptability Hold' so that machines affected by those issues will not be offered the upgrade.
  24. I'm at a bit of a loss then. It appears that CCleaner is installing, but something is preventing it from running. Usually when all the files are there but something is preventing the .exe from running at all then the suspicion is that the AV is blocking it. I note that you have excluded CCleaner from Nortons monitoring, have you tried temporarily disabling Norton altogether? https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v116457581 You could also try older CC versions to see if one of those will work for you, not ideal but when needs must. You can find older versions on the right of this filehippo page: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ Anyone else have any ideas what may be happening here? I'll flag this thread up to the staff as well.
  25. I'm holding off after reading this zdnet article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-2004-were-already-looking-into-these-10-issues-says-microsoft/
  26. After reading this zdnet article, I will NOT be installing Windows 10 2004 even though it's sitting on my PCs ready to be downloaded and installed. https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-2004-were-already-looking-into-these-10-issues-says-microsoft/
  27. It did install the icon on the desktop and all the files in C:\Program Files. Clicking on either the 64 or the 32 bit ccleaner.exe results in the failure I'm describing. My Win7 user account is set up to "Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer" and I'm accustomed to seeing a message asking me for permission when that occurs but I get nothing when trying to start CC. I'm wondering if the only setting that will allow it to run would be Never Notify and I can not allow that given the lack of support for W7.
  28. I've been running Chrome Edge for quite some time with legacy Edge in the background. Using CCleaner's analyze in custom clean, CCleaner would always show one or two of the legacy Edge's icons. After getting 2004 a day ago, no more legacy Edge icons show up to clean. I'm suspecting 2004 has buried old Edge very deep and neutered it -- if you're running Chrome Edge. Eventually, legacy Edge is supposed to be removed from Win 10 altogether. This 2004 feature update does have lots of problems and other forums are buzzing with some really strange things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck continues but nothing surprises me. It certainly doesn't seem to be ready for prime time.
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