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  2. I stopped 0patch agent and service completely and newly installed CCleaner just crashes on start. I also disabled all reference to ccleaner in Opatch settings prior to new install. I do not think 0Patch has anything to do with crashes. For now I will just revert to older version of CCleaner. Since upgrades are not an option wish I could turn off the nag screen telling me there is a new broken upgrade I can't use. Win 7 X64
  3. Yes and no. I do have 0patch installed but when I am installing CCleaner it is disabled so I cannot see how that causes a crash? I killed the process in task manager.
  4. I was speaking about the software included on the retail CD I purchased back in 2013, v3.27.1900. I used my original CD and installed CC Pro onto a VM with it. The link to the EULA I speak of in the installer is accessible before you actually install the software. Same for the "About" box in this version. It doesn't mention anything about the software being subject to a subscription. If you like, you can download the version and see for yourself. So, I think this pretty much should put an end to the lifetime license, at least as of 2013. Piriform just handled this very, very poorly.
  5. @ Pheckphul since you say, that EULA is copied from the Internet and not your disc, it may be the one included with a downloaded version, not the physical disc installer. If you look way back to 27th November 2018 in this thread, you'll see my first post on this subject. I too bought the boxed version with unlimited installs. There is no EULA on the sealed box, or the disc, so it only became accessible after installing the product. Under EU or UK law, I would guess that wouldn't stand up in court but doubt it's ever been tested. Unfortunately, the only way to see your original EULA is to do a clean install from the original disc because as as soon as it get upgraded, the EULA can also be upgraded to a revised one. I did do that on one of my PCs soon after getting involved with this thread and don't recall seeing anything about subscriptions there but it was probably soon after my first post so can't say for sure now. There IS an "About" entry btw. It's included within the "options" tab on the bottom left of the home screen. My one was attached to my first post in 2018.
  6. I purchased a retail copy of CC Pro for "Unlimited PCs" ~2013. The box did not include a EULA. The installer also did not include a EULA, but rather a link to a EULA. I admit I was under the impression that CC Pro provided lifetime updates, but, alas, I was wrong. Using the Internet Archive, I was able to find the EULA dated 25 JAN 2013 that I have included at the end of this post. It does indeed state that service is for a year following email notification of my account details: "The Services shall start on the date on which Piriform sends a confirmatory email to you confirming full payment of the support and update fees and issuing your user account details, and shall continue for a period of 1 year or for such other period as we may agree with you in writing." However, Piriform never asked me for my email address (outside of my registering on this forum). When I installed CC all it asked for was my name and license key. Piriform's major error is not including subscription info in the "About" dialog for the software. Most subscription software indicates the expiration date of service in this location. Here's the EULA I found: Software License and Support Agreement for users of Premium Software 1. BACKGROUND This end-user license agreement is a legal contract between you, as either an individual or as a business entity and Piriform. The following terms have the following meanings: "Piriform" means Piriform Limited, a Cyprus limited company. "License" means the license to use the Product as set out at paragraph 2 below. "Product" means the software product known as CCleaner Professional including any new version provided to you by Piriform pursuant to this agreement; "Services" means the Support Services (as defined in paragraph 3) and/or the Update Services (as defined in paragraph 4). "Product Description" means the written description of the Product at www.piriform.com. By proceeding to download or install the Product, and in consideration of your use of the Product, you are deemed to agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. Piriform permits you to use the Product only in accordance with the terms of this agreement and this agreement and the License will terminate automatically without notice if you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement. Should this agreement terminate for any reason you must immediately cease all further use of the Product and destroy all copies of it. 2. PRODUCT LICENSE Subject to and in consideration of payment of the applicable fee and you agreeing to abide by the terms of this License and subject to your compliance with the terms of this agreement, Piriform grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Product for the following purposes and in the following manner: - You shall NOT be permitted to grant any sub-licenses of the Product; - You may NOT resell, charge for, sub-license, rent, lease, loan or distribute the Product without our prior written consent. We reserve the right to withdraw any such consent (or part thereof) for any reason and without notice and to demand that you immediately cease any activity in respect of which permission is withdrawn; - You may NOT repackage, translate, adapt, vary, modify, alter, create derivative works based upon, or integrate any other computer programs with, the Product in whole or in part; - You may NOT use the Product to engage in or allow others to engage in any illegal activity; - You may NOT transfer or assign your rights or obligations under this agreement to any person or authorize all or any part of the Product to be copied on to another user's computer; and - You may NOT decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Product except to the extent that you may be expressly permitted to reverse engineer or decompile under applicable law. - You may NOT install the Product on more computers that you have purchased licenses for. The number of permissible installations is defined in your purchase. An "Installation" is defined as: (i) the installation of one copy of the Product on an individual physical device or PC, which does not have Virtualization Capability (as defined below); or (ii) each instance of the Product which is installed on a virtual machine operating on a device which has Virtualization Capability. Where one copy of the Product is installed on a server providing remote access to users by means of Terminal Services or other services allowing multiple user profiles accessed at the same time from different remote locations, each user profile present on that server shall be deemed an Installation for the purposes of this clause. "Virtualization Capability" means making a single physical device appear to function as multiple virtual resources. (iii) "1 PC" product edition allows installation on a single computer. (iv) "Unlimited PCs" product edition permits installation on all computers owned by you that are physically located in your residential home. (v) when used in a business or commercial environment the "Unlimited PCs" product edition reverts to "1 PC" product edition. 3. SUPPORT SERVICES Subject to and in consideration of payment of the applicable fee, Piriform shall provide the support services (the "Support Services") as set out in this paragraph 3. 3.1 Scope of Support Piriform will endeavor to answer by email such number of your queries regarding the use or application of the Product as it deems reasonable. No representation or warranty is given that all queries will be responded to or responded to within a specified period of time. You shall assist Piriform in providing the Support Services by providing any assistance or information that it requires. Queries should be submitted to Piriform using either of these methods: * http://support.piriform.com using such user account details as given to you by Piriform after your support account is enabled. * Email direct to Piriform using such email address as given to you by Piriform after your support account is enabled. Upon receipt of full payment of the support fee, a user account will be automatically enabled for you on http://support.piriform.com and you will be sent an email notification confirming activation of your user account and confirming your user account details. Save as expressly set out in this agreement, support fees and/or any applicable renewal fees are non-refundable. 3.2 Limits Of Support Piriform shall only provide Support Services in respect of the most current version of the Product. Piriform shall only provide Support Services up to and in respect of the number of Installations (as defined below) of the Product that you have specified and paid for under this agreement. You must purchase Support Services in respect of all Installations of the Product made by you; where you fail to do so the Support Services shall immediately terminate without notice, any without refund or liability to you. 4. UPDATE SERVICES Subject to your payment of the applicable annual update fees and support fees for the relevant year, Piriform shall from time to time, via its website, make available new versions of the Product for you to download and use (the "Update Services"). 5. TERM AND TERMINATION OF SERVICES The Services shall start on the date on which Piriform sends a confirmatory email to you confirming full payment of the support and update fees and issuing your user account details, and shall continue for a period of 1 year or for such other period as we may agree with you in writing. If you have purchased yearly subscriptions for the Support Services and/or Update Services, at the end of the year and any following year, the Support Services and/or Update Services shall renew automatically for another year. Piriform (or its authorized agents or sub-contractors) will give you an opportunity to cancel your subscription in advance of the renewal date and will inform you of the renewal fees. Unless you notify Piriform by email before renewal that you do not want to renew the Services. Piriform may terminate the provision of Services at any time upon written notice to you. In such circumstances, Piriform will issue a pro-rata refund back onto the card originally used to pay. Furthermore, Piriform may terminate the Services immediately and without any liability to refund any payments to you if: * You commit a material or persistent beach of this agreement; * You become insolvent or unable to pay your debts within the meaning of section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986; * You fail to make any renewal payment. 6. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS The Product contains intellectual property of Piriform and is protected by law. You acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in the Product anywhere in the world belong to Piriform, that rights in the Product are licensed (not sold) to you, and that you have no rights in, or to, the Product other than the right to use them in accordance with the terms of the License. Piriform warrants to you that to the best of its knowledge, the Product does not infringe the UK intellectual property rights of a third party. Piriform undertakes at its own expense to defend you against or, at its option, settle any claim or action brought against you alleging that your use or possession of the Product infringes the UK intellectual property rights of a third party. This paragraph 6 shall not apply where the claim or action in question is attributable to your use or possession of the Product other than in accordance with this agreement or the License or use of a non-current release of the Product. This paragraph 6 is conditional upon you promptly giving written notice to Piriform specifying the nature of the claim or action and you not making any admission or compromise. This paragraph 6 constitutes your sole remedy and Piriform’s only liability in respect of any such claims or actions. 7. WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER Piriform warrants that - for a period of 90 days from the date of installation, when properly used the Product shall perform substantially in accordance with the functions described in the Product Description; and - it has tested the Product for viruses using commercially available virus-checking software; and - the Services will be performed with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with applicable UK laws and regulations. If, within the period of 90 days from the date of installation you notify Piriform in writing of any defect or fault in the Product in consequence of which it fails to perform substantially in accordance with the Product Documentation, and such defect or fault does not result from you having amended the Product or used it in contravention of the terms of this License, Piriform will, at its sole option, repair or replace the Product, provided that you make available all information that may be necessary to assist Piriform in resolving the defect or fault, including sufficient information to enable Piriform to recreate the defect or fault. 8. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY THE PRODUCT IS DELIVERED TO YOU 'AS IS' AND WITH ALL FAULTS. PIRIFORM DO NOT WARRANT THE PERFORMANCE OR RESULTS YOU MAY OBTAIN BY USING THE PRODUCT. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET OUT IN THIS AGREEMENT AND TO THE EXTENT THAT ANY WARRANTY, CONDITION, REPRESENTATION OR TERM CANNOT BE EXCLUDED OR LIMITED BY LAW, WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, REPRESENTATIONS OR OTHER TERMS (EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WHETHER BY STATUTE, COMMON LAW, CUSTOM, USAGE OR OTHERWISE) AS TO ANY MATTER INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS, SATISFACTORY QUALITY AND FITNESS FOR PURPOSE. THE PROVISIONS OF THIS PARAGRAPH 7 SHALL SURVIVE THE TERMINATION OF THIS AGREEMENT HOWSOEVER CAUSED. PIRIFORM’S LIABILITY TO YOU FOR LOSSES SUFFERED BY YOU ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT HOWSOEVER ARISING (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, NEGLIGENCE) SHALL BE LIMITED [EACH YEAR] IN TOTAL TO THE CHARGES PAID BY YOU UNDER THIS AGREEMENT [IN THE YEAR IN WHICH THE LIABILITY AROSE]. IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL PIRIFORM BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DAMAGES, CLAIMS OR COSTS WHATSOEVER (WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY LOST PROFITS, LOST SAVINGS, LOST INFORMATION, LOSS OF DATA NOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. THE FOREGOING LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSION APPLY TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW IN YOUR JURISDICTION. PIRIFORM WARRANTS TO YOU THAT THE SERVICES WILL BE PERFORMED WITH REASONABLE CARE AND SKILL AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH APPLICABLE UK LAWS AND REGULATIONS. PIRIFORM’S LIABILITY TO YOU FOR LOSSES SUFFERED BY YOU ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT HOWSOEVER ARISING (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, NEGLIGENCE) SHALL BE LIMITED EACH YEAR IN TOTAL TO THE CHARGES PAID BY YOU UNDER THIS AGREEMENT IN THE YEAR IN WHICH THE LIABILITY AROSE. NOTHING IN THIS AGREEMENT LIMITS PIRIFORM’S LIABILITY TO YOU IN THE EVENT OF DEATH OR PERSONAL INJURY RESULTING FROM OUR NEGLIGENCE OR FOR FRAUD. THE PROVISIONS OF THIS PARAGRAPH 7 SHALL SURVIVE THE TERMINATION OF THIS AGREEMENT HOWSOEVER CAUSED. 9. LAW AND JURISDICTION This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or its formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. 10. GENERAL - If any part of this agreement is found to be void and unenforceable it will not affect the validity of the remainder of this agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms. - This agreement may only be varied in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Piriform. - Updates may be licensed to you by Piriform with additional or different terms but Piriform has no obligation to provide any updates. - This agreement is the entire agreement between you and us and supersedes any prior representations, undertakings or advertising relating to the Product and you acknowledge that in entering into this agreement you have not relied on any statement, representation, advertising, assurance or warranty (whether made negligently or innocently) other than as expressly set out in this agreement. - Piriform is entitled to transfer or assign any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement. [20130125]
  7. Thanks for the explanation, makes sense now.
  8. I'm not sure what you are asking for? Any defragmentation app will analyse the drive and report the current level fragmentation, and then reduce that fragmentation if you tell it to. How fragmented your drive will get between defrags depends on how you are using your computer, ie. if you have saved/installed/updated something, if there has been a Windows update, etc. If you want to keep a record of that then you could write it down, or take a screenshot, each time you analyse. I'm not sure just how useful that would be for anything meaningful? PS. There are 2 different things that are called 'Defragmenting' depending on what you are trying to achieve, Defraggler can do either one or a mixture of both depending on how you use it. See this for more information: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/58213-program-increases-fragmentation/?tab=comments#comment-319520
  9. I have run defragger several times, but it always treats it as the first time, there are no past statistics to show it actually working. This is despite reducing the initial 25% unfragged drive down by 2% t its current state.
  10. I'm only guessing here, but I suspect that CCleaner has cleared your connections/logins to those devices. Those are usually stored in cookies, and CCleaner will clear the cookies. So you will have to connect/log into the IOT devices again. I'm not sure if CCleaner Android allows you to set 'Cookies to Keep' like the PC version does? If it does then you could tell it to keep any cookies associated with those IOT devices. TBH I tried CCleaner for Android on my phone a few years back and decided that I didn't like it so uninstalled it.
  11. Sorry, what are you meaning by "multiple wipes of data"? Are you meaning Wipe Free Space in Custom Clean, the Drive Wiper tool, or something else?
  12. I have Ccleaner set to do multiple wipes of data. This can take a bit of time but it's worth it. Lately it has been completing the data wipe in only a second or two. Any ideas why and how to correct it? Windows 7SP1 and with Chrome, Edge or Opera
  13. Is that a typo and you can't find your email? Check your email applications spam folder to see if the email has been put in there by mistake.
  14. I just ran ccleaner on my android phone and now all of my IOT devices are off (light controls, sockets etc). Is this a setting issue or do I have to manually reset everything? If it's the latter then the product is useless to me and should include a warning, or an exclusion to prevent this
  15. about a week ago i noticed youtube comments for any video i watch are not loading in cc cleaner browser, i cleared cashe and cleared all search history through settings and it works on chrome so im here to get help trying to figure out whats going on.
  16. I cant activated my app ccleaner pro , i can find my email with my key, please anybody can help me?
  17. Thank you for your interest and reply. On all my machines I just use the default MS security protections. These have stood me in good stead for many years, and I am very particular about personal security overall. My setups on each machine are pretty identical. I do the same stuff on each. I cannot access my second laptop at the moment, but my main desktop and primary laptop both report version 10.0.19041 - The desktop is Win 10 Pro and the primary laptop is Win10 Home. I have yet to discover how to print out a report from the dump file. I am supposed to be a 'geek' but failing! My desktop having been rock solid since my last message, has now just been re-introduced to CCLeaner. I will be interested to see what happens. Thank you for your kind help and assistance. Cheers, Paul
  18. I am having the same problem. I purchased a full Standard licence, but when I try to open an external drive, I get "Unable to open drive". I am using Recuva Professional v.1.53.1087 (64 bit) On Windows 10. Help...
  19. Yesterday
  20. This thread is 2 years old. Both CCleaner and Windows have changed quite a bit since then.
  21. go to the include tab and edit the directory, make sure u have include files and subfolder selected ccleaner defaults to files only
  22. I don't know for sure but it sounds as if they are keeping that information in a cookie. (*unless you are running the Registry Cleaner) Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? If it is a cookie then Health Check will always remove it, anytime/everytime that you run Health Check. Custom Clean can keep cookies so that they do not get deleted. You need to identify the cookies from that website, and in Options>Cookies move them to the 'Cookies to Keep' side. See 'Option 2' in this article, the article is a bit old but the option still works like that: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosing-which-cookies-to-keep Custom Clean will then leave them alone. (But Health Check will still delete them if it is run). To set Custom Clean as the default screen that CCleaner opens with got to Options>Settings and change 'CCleaner Home Screen' * If you are running the Registry cleaner then don't do that. It is not needed and is not recommended except as a technicians tool to help fix a broken computer. Running a registry cleaner when not needed can stop your computer working properly.
  23. That is normal behaviour for a modern operating system and modern browsers. You clean them, they come back again emptied of old entries. See this explanation of what 'trackers' actually are, and why some of them will come back straight after you have cleaned: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52668-tracking-files/?tab=comments#comment-300043
  24. Nah, I don't touch the active stuff, (well maybe a little active test/calibration piece now and again), I was an engineering designer for equipment/pipework/fabrications/robots/etc. needed on the site. My first job here was designing a new cooling system for the 4 decomissioned Calder Hall reactors, specifying the equipment/piping for it and laying it all out to fit in the old buildings. They haven't had fuel in for years but the casings are still radioactive and hot, I changed the old Carbon Dioxide cooling system which was used when it was active to a dried air system, much more environmentally friendly (and cheaper to run). Now beer I do touch, about an hour from now I'll be in the pub.
  25. Hello, I'm using this French dictionary software : Grand Robert : https://www.lerobert.com/dictionnaires/francais/langue/dictionnaire-le-grand-robert-de-la-langue-francaise-abonnement-annuel-3133099010289.html They issue a license key that I can use 3 times. Each time I run a CCLeaner clean operation, it somehow removes the registration information Le Robert is using. I need to register again, and I'm stuck after three registrations ... I asked their support staff, they say they don't know, and I should ask CCLeaner support. What could happen ? Is there a way I could debug that, or get more info to pinpoint where the problem is and how I could add an exception to CCLeaner? Thanks
  26. - Try this: (Temporarily) Disable System Restore. That will speed up the defrag process.
  27. CCCleaner does not clear all my trackers. It will say 15 trackers. I hit make better and it only cleans 3 of them.
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