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  2. Hello i have some issues with youtube only on Ccleaner : When i watch a video it start to lag every 5 seconds and it is not possible to watch a sigle video... I have to restart Ccleaner and then some times after that it do the bug again and again...
  3. If there are particular files that you don't want CCleaner to clean then simply make them an 'Exclude' in the Custom Clean Options.
  4. Mohammed K

    Mohammed K.

    When I run Speccy64.exe as an administrator, I got this message: what is the reason for this error?
  5. With it being a beta I wouldn't get any hopes of them doing anything with it, the user base of a non-stable beta would be lower compared to a stable release that will auto-update via the browser itself. Even with stable builds there's a delay and things don't get an immediate fix, and by the time they release a new version something else can change in browsers hence they're always playing catch up.
  6. Can you see the 84% recovered files? (ie. have they been sucessfully recovered?) If so then I think you'll still need to do a new scan, but will only need to select that last 16% for recovery. Someone more familiar with Recuva may be along to confirm that. PS. A bit late for you now, but maybe useful for future reference. If it was a Windows Update that caused the issue then with Windows 10 you can pause updates for up to 35 days, there's even a quick 'Pause updates for 7 days' button. It's a good idea to put an update pause on if you are going to be leaving the computer working unattended on an important task for several hours. You can also change the 'Active Hours' so that Windows will not automatically restart the computer following an update during those hours.
  7. If you can give us more details of what you are expecting to happen that is not happening then we may be able to help you to get it doing what you want.
  8. I have scanned my Verbatim 1 TB usb external drive. After a number of hours, it showed me files that could be recovered. I started the process of recovering them a couple days ago. With about 84% recovered so far and about 10 hours to go, I was working on other stuff. I left the computer for a short bit and came back to my biggest fear. Because I am using Win 10, it did, I am assuming, an update, as the computer was in the restarted mode and all the programs I had open were closed. I did make a text file of the recoverable files. Is there a way to continue from the 84% or do I have to start all over again. Otherwise, I could just skip the last 15 %. Thank you for your help
  9. For me with a ryzen 5 2600x Speccy is showing 97 deg C when bios is nearer 35/6 deg C. If you convert the speccy number to celcius you get the corect value, so speccy is definitley showing farenhiet temps with celcius units, however when changing speccy to farenheit units temperatures rise accordingly, suggesting speccy is reading farenheit as celcius and then "converting" that to farenheight if you ask speccy to chnage units.
  10. - I have seen that my bug reports (plural) were used to improve the Piriform programs in the past.
  11. I'm sorry,, i'm not sure I understand this post, what problem are you having? or are you just venting about a less than satisfactory support ticket.
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  13. It's not beta problem. "Internet Cache" option deletes all *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal without apply these to *.sqlite files before delete it. so, if firefox is not shutting down properly and these files are remains, CCleaner will delete it and users will lose data. As I said, "Compact Databases" option deletes all *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal too, but apply these to *.sqlite files before delete it. so, CCleaner don't have to deletes it in "Internet Cache" option.
  14. It's a beta though, and I personally wouldn't have any cleaning tool (not just CCleaner) cleaning a beta version of a web browser. Piriform have enough on their plate to keep up with Stable builds of web browsers. With beta/nightly builds of browsers they logically can't chase those and keep up because they'd likely have to release a new CCleaner version daily or weekly.
  15. An admin has notified Piriform about those zombie processes. Just letting you know that your posts aren't being ignored!
  16. FF 79 beta2 (latest beta): (I'm using win7 x86) FF 79 have new storage-sync-v2.sqlite, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-shm, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal files in profile folder. When I exit Firefox, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-shm, storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal files are kept and not deleted unlike cookies.sqlite-wal, cookies.sqlite-shm, favicons.sqlite-shm, favicons.sqlite-wal. By the way, CCleaner > Custom Clean > Applications > Firefox > "Internet Cache" option deletes all *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal, so CCleaner deletes these two files too. storage-sync-v2.sqlite-wal store addon settings that uses the sync API, so I lose the addon settings changed that is not yet applyed to storage-sync-v2.sqlite. So, please don't delete *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal with that option. CCleaner > Custom Clean > Applications > Firefox > "Compact Databases" option deletes all *.sqlite-shm, *.sqlite-wal too(so, CCleaner don't have to deletes it in "Internet Cache" option), but apply these to *.sqlite files before delete it, so I don't lose my data. I'm sorry for my bad english. Regards.
  17. Same here. It takes about 10 seconds to show CCleaner interface, since an update which came out in last 2-3 months. It's the time when I've first seen this 10 seconds delay, right after the update. I've blocked CCleaner in my Firewall too. EDIT: Adding the 2 hosts entries given by @Spartan solved this issue.
  18. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it) it is set up that way deliberately so that you have to at least half think about what is being selected for deletion. It helps to avoid mass deleting the wrong files/copies.
  19. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it) it is set up that way deliberately so that you have to at least half think about what is being selected for deletion. It helps to avoid mass deleting the wrong files/copies.
  20. I want to remove a bunch without having to click on each box one at a time ( But not all ) I tried shift or CTRL - no good
  21. I havent been able to shift and click a row of ones I want to delete - I have to click on each individual ugh
  22. Are the files (or the duplicates) in sub-directories on K: ? If so then have you told 'K:\*.mp4" to include files and subfolders? (It defaults to files only when setting up an include).
  23. I am using duplicate finder for a portable drive. If i pick K:\*.* match by name size date - I get all duplicates If i search for only K:\*.mp4 I get nothing
  24. @Yllek: CCleaner for Mac keys also start with a C. If what you have was labelled as "CCleaner Professional for Mac" specifically on your receipt then you should be fine. If it only says "CCleaner Professional" (without "Plus" or "Mac") then contact support (support@ccleaner.com) requesting an exchange.
  25. I have similar request as running one-click Booster on Android 10 kills Glasswire Firewall also unless each time unchecked. Why can CC not learn to ignore certain apps or allow user to whitelist apps / ignore list apps ?
  26. So my CCleaner Professional license key that starts with "C" will only work on Windows and I will not be able to transfer that subscription onto a Mac? Is there a way to get a new license key specifically for the Mac, since I have already paid for the annual subscription?
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