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  3. Are you talking about Recuva ? (I hope so) https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/recuva/using-recuva
  4. Still not offered in UK here this morning so I've made an iso via the Media Creation Tool and will be doing an upgrade on this PC when I've finished my morning forum runs. I may also use it to do a clean install on a laptop just to see what's what. As I have Macrium images I'm not worried if it goes wrong
  5. Windows 10 2004 is now fully released to Market and rolling out. I've just installed it and am using it now. It is not being rolled out as an Automatic Update yet, it's only available if you 'Check for Updates' - but they are 'throttling' distribution so it may not be offered to you yet. It wasn't being offered by 'Check for Updates' on my laptop, but I got round that by downloading the Windows 10 Update Assistant and running that. More of a 'reinstall, keeping files and apps' than an upgrade, so it does take longer to upgrade that way, and some of your customised settings will be lost. If you are not sure about using Upgrade Assistant to shortcut things then wait until the upgrade is offered to you by Microsoft.
  6. It won't harm CCleaner to reset to defaults everyday. (We do stuff like that all the time when trying to replicate a users problem). But you shouldn't really have to, if you don't tick the 'Do not show me this message again' box then it should show every time it's needed. The fact that it's still asking to close Edge, especially to Force close it, indicates that something in your Edge is still not closing (properly), probably extensions or push notifications. See this for how to stop extensions, etc. from running in the background after you close Edge Chrome: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-prevent-new-microsoft-edge-running-background-windows-10 PS. The new Windows 10 2004 has now been fully released, but you have to 'Check for Updates' (or use the Upgrade Assistant) to get it, its not an Automatic Update yet. I've just installed it and haven't had time for a good look round yet. No doubt we will now start getting issues related to what MS have changed this time.
  7. I recently did a scan and wondering if you can recover lost word documents, none are in my files and the recovery did not even recover anything. Any tips?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks , to all who responded! It took awhile but I finally got it to work. I shut it off in two different places and then I have to reset ccleaner to it's defaults then run it the first box that pops up don't check it but when it asks to force edge to close check that box and it works . Will it damage ccleaner if I have to reset it to it's defaults on a daily basis? Stupid Microsoft! Yes I just download the new edge 3 days ago.
  10. OK, if neither installer is installing CCleaner then that sounds similar to the AV false positive issues from earlier this month; which AntiVirus/AntiMalware are you running? PS. Did you also have v5.66 on the old drive?
  11. Well I did that with the identical results. Will not open or run.
  12. Try using the 'Slim' installer from here (3rd down): https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds Often that particular installer will work better with Windows 7.
  13. I've used this for years without issues. I replaced my main drive with an SSD and installed v566, which will not open or run at all. The little circle starts up then stops and absolutely nothing happens. The installation does show up in the Start menu but that is all that the installation accomplished. This system uses Win7Pro.
  14. Also this: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on-
  15. I have the new Edge Chrome installed on this laptop but it doesn't start at boot, it doesn't even appear in the Startup apps (or in Task Manager Start-up tab). You may also have it as a shortcut in your StartUp folder, in which case it would still start even when disabled in Startup apps. Any app that you put a shortcut for in that folder will run at startup, regardless of the other startup settings. Try a read of this: https://kb.iu.edu/d/adlf Another question - Is your Edge Chrome the latest version, 83.0.478.37, which was released last week? It's being rolled out slowly so you might not have it yet. As it was only fully released last week then CCleaner may not be up to date for this new Edge version yet. PS. To manually update Edge Chrome go to Settings>Apps and click on Microsoft Edge and then Modify. Edge 83 info: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-edge-83-released-with-extension-sync-and-auto-profiles/ Restoring the whole system is a bit drastic, although if nothing else is solving the issue it may be an idea to uninstall/reinstall Edge Chrome. (Note if you uninstall Edge Chrome then old Edge will be re-enabled until you install Edge Chrome again).
  16. Sorry, I didn't talk about the slowness which is your main issue. Here are few things to look at: When CC browser is running how much CPU percentage does task manager say it is using overall? (see below). Are you only seeing a slowdown when using CCleaner browser? What is the speed like if you Close CC browser then open exactly the same webpages in 'old' Edge or the new Edge Chromium? (If you have those on your Win 7) or Internet Explorer? How much of the CPU are they using? With CCleaner browser closed check the task manager to see if something else is using a lot of CPU or disk access. Many things can cause a computer to run slowly, for example: Webpages with lots of video or frequently updated content can slow things down. A slow internet connection for some reason. Something running in the background. (You AV or Windows Defender running a background scan, Windows Update, Windows Defragmenter, etc.,etc.). Not forgetting the age of the computer itself, programmers can tend to use all the features of newer hardware and so older CPU's and graphic chips may struggle to run with newer apps. To give an example of how a particular webpage can slow things down- This is Firefox not CC browser, but it gives the idea and you can see here that as I was typing this it was using a total of 9.2% CPU in six processes. If I then open a new tab and start to play a video in Youtube Firefox will open another 2 processes and the CPU usage will jump up to 48.5%, it also starts accessing the internet to stream.
  17. Just download the free version from here https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download When installed just select ..Options..About.. and press the button at the top which says Upgrade to Pro Then just enter the details it asks for.
  18. I have updated CCCleaner on my computer. The update covered up to 3 machines. How do I get the update to this machine? It wants to charge me again! Both machines are in my name, same passwords etc.
  19. In a similar situation it helped me to restore the system to its previous state (we write about Windows as I assume).
  20. Good morning I specify that the price paid for the new data recovery software instead of Recuva PRO is € 146.69 + 22% VAT for a total of € 178.96 €
  21. Yes it is the new edge not the old edge. I just downloaded it 2 days ago and noticed it in my startup apps and it said it had a big effect on my startup. Not to repeat myself but when I shut it off in my startup apps and restarted it went right to the edge web page . The only way it stopped doing that was when I turned it back on in my startup apps. I don't know of any other way to turn it off.
  22. I believe that Microsoft can "tweak"/update Edge Chrome on a daily basis, so they may have changed something themselves? If it's in the startup apps then yes, that would mean it is starting up at boot. Just to be sure here - We are talking about the new Edge Chromium and not the old Edge aren't we? They are very different browsers 'under the hood'. If it's Edge Chrome then another thing to try is disabling any Extensions (add-ons) that you may have, and the seeing if CCleaner will clean it then. Some extensions can be set to continue running in the background when Edge Chrome itself is closed. (Or it could simply be a bad extension that isn't closing properly).
  23. Multiple processes showing in Task Manager are normal for a Chrome/Chromium browser. (and Firefox browser as well). Components are opened as separate processes so that if one, say a webpage or an extension, crashes then it doesn't crash the whole browser. Whether you see them all or just see one entry depends on if you have expanded the entry or not. See the screenshot in the first post here which shows the Chrome processes expanded: (If the list wasn't expanded it would just show the first line (with the arrow turned 90 degrees), ie. "> Google Chrome (33)" https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/2064254?hl=en (PS. CCleaner64.exe is the cleaner not the browser. It will be showing after a boot because you have 'Smart Cleaning' enabled).
  24. I used the browser then I reset it to it's default state so when I ran Ccleaner it said that it was forcing edge to close and it still skipped all edge components. I will try again and go into task manager. The part I don't understand is that it worked fine yesterday when I installed it. Is anyone else having this problem? I noticed that it was in my startup apps and the only way it would work correctly is if I left it in the startup. Doesn't that mean it is always on? Thanks
  25. The Pro and Free versions use exactly the same cleaning routines, so purchasing Pro will not make any difference to 'Skipping' a browser. If CCleaner is actually saying 'Skipped' then that indicates that the browser is still open, or that some component of it is still active in the background. CCleaner cannot clean a browser that is (partally) open. If you have closed the browser then you can check in Task Manager to see if (some part of) the browser is still active in the background, (and if so 'End Task' to fully close it).
  26. Sorry , 0double posted by accident. Are other people having the same problem? The reason I asked about the pro version is someone wrote a long time ago to open options then monitoring then untick the enable browser monitoring. I don't have those options on the free version. Could someone please tell me if other people are experiencing this same issue? It worked yesterday.
  27. Would it help if I bought ccleaner pro? Right now I am using the free version.
  28. Pro version isn't going to clean it any better! Possibly they need to update CCleaner to clean it as per usual they will always be playing catch up especially when it comes to Chrome/Chromium-based browsers.
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