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  2. Does that mean that there is no way to recover deleted files from the Fire using Recuva?
  3. I assume, like regular Android, the Fire doesn't have the ability to mount as a drive. This feature was removed from Android during Ice Cream, if I remember right.
  4. Hi, I've been trying to use Recuva with a Fire 7 tablet, but for some reason the tablet isn't detected by Recuva. I've searched around, and apparently I need to find a way to assign the Fire Tablet a drive letter? I've tried the basic way of doing so through Device Manager, but it doesn't seem to have an option to assign a letter for a portable device, either. Has anyone ever run into this problem? How did you manage to use Recuva with your Fire?
  5. Good evening, Today I purchased RECUVA PRO (paid with PayPal) to analyze an external 3.5 ”HD powered by 5 Tb (Intense). The hard drive is brand new: all the files I accidentally deleted were files that I had moved from an old HD. Starting the scan for the recovery of deleted files by selecting the 5 Tb external drive, the same warfab and Mehmaster problem occurs. Trying to understand where the problem was I made the following tests: 1) Search for deleted files on the hard disk of the "C" drive (OCZ Vertex 120 Gb SSD) of my notebook with Windows 7 Professional 32 bit; the search starts normally and the list of recoverable files and all the various options available are shown; 2) Scan to external HD 3 TB GB brand Intenso, everything went perfectly; 3) Scan to 600 GB external HD Platinum brand (mounts Wester Digital disk); everything went fine. The file system of the four disks tested is of the NFTS type. The file system of the four disks tested is of the NFTS type. I have already submitted the crash report to support. Since I absolutely needed to recover the deleted files, I tried a free software reviewed in a computer blog and I managed to recover all the files by reconstructing the original path and name. Since the free version only allows viewing but not recovery, I purchased the PRO version with a lifetime license at a price of € 146.69. It makes me think that Recuva is not suitable for HD scans of such high capacity. If so, can I use the purchased license by transferring it to another computer or alternatively obtain a refund from Piriform? Thanks so much
  6. @Mark123: I would usually suggest that contacting customer support would be more helpful for billing cases, but I can see that you already did that, and got a response before you posted here. Although you provided no information to customer support that matched anything in the order history records except your name, date and the price paid, I think they managed to find you anyway - someone is likely to reach out to you again shortly and ask for your post code to confirm (or feel free to jump into the support ticket response with that information to save time on an additional round of to-and-fro). If the customer they found is you, then when you purchased CCleaner Professional Plus in May of last year (for up to 3 PCs and/or Macs) you would have seen from your order confirmation that you had a subscription with automatic annual renewal payments, that you have the option to stop at any time. You also received an email from Cleverbridge on April 6th reminding you that they would be billing you, and with a link in there to stop payment. You could also have stopped the upcoming subscription payment at any time from within CCleaner itself. If you no longer have a use for CCleaner on your PC then the support team will be more than happy to provide a refund once you can confirm which transaction is yours. For a variety of reasons, having your bank fraud-flag your credit card is probably not an optimal solution for you.
  7. I have also had a payment taken without my permission. Currently speaking with the Customer Service team via email who cannot locate my account. I did pay for a version last year but did not see anything about auto renewal. What makes things worse the computer I purchased it for I have not used for the last 11 months. I now use a PC instead of an Apple computer that had the windows version because of all the issues when trying to connect via VPN. I am hoping then can resolve this ASAP or I will report this as fraud.
  8. nukecad


    Thanks for the feedback. This is a 10 year old thread so it's not surprising that things have changed a bit. Back then Piriform products were donationware, there were no licenced Pro versions. Since licences were introduced in 2011, and changed to subscription licences in 2018, that licencing has been funding development rather than relying on donations. I have found a later donations link from 2017, but that also now gives a 404 'page not found' error. Of course the easiest way to show financial appreciation/support (and get some extra features) would be to purchase a Pro version licence/subscription. I realise that, whilst it's not that expensive, some people may not feel able to afford the Pro version. In which case please continue to use and enjoy the free version, that's why the free versions of Piriform software are still available. I'll ask the staff what happened to the donations page, but I'm guessing that it was rarely used anymore and so was removed.
  9. Thanks @hazelnut that did it. I had already unchecked the option in the OneNote Options, but the second part of checking the Windows Startup folder is where I found the .lnk file. I deleted it and it no longer appears in the CCleaner Startup tab or in Task Manager Startup tab.
  10. Thanks for the modified entry. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/a43591f6046872ca37e0f9cc629abd90c89c1e98 https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/efac42536ab1ac882e789068291d05b9952d9412
  11. Utkarsh Kumar


    The website doesn't have that link now. I'm sure it was overhauled sometime in the last 10 years. Can somebody point out to me how to donate to Piriform? I'm really happy about my experience with Recuva. Thanks in advance!
  12. Any help here? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/disable-send-to-one-note-launch-on-windows-10/023d52ea-d037-43d0-aa8f-548855c00bae
  13. Hi Andavari, thanks for your reply. If this is correct, why does this method? Windows 10 Pro Ver: 1909 Build: 18363.836 - Clipboard History & Clipboard Sync Across Devices, is set to OFF - "Manually using: Custom Clean, Run Cleaner, cleans all clipboard data, every time." I am hoping the CCleaner developers are working on fixing the (Enable Smart Cleaning) portion of the software, because that's the part that is not working? Thank you again for your reply.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I disable it in Task Manager, but it keeps coming back Enabled and I can't delete it from there.
  16. Why can I not delete the Send to OneNote.lnk from Win 10 Startup? I have another Win 10 PC and this entry doesn't even appear.
  17. Hello Community, Today I deleted a file from my wife and I need to recover it. I already downloaded recuva and I already have the file identified and recovered on my machine, but I can't open it in word. Can you help?
  18. I am having the exact same thing happening right now. What do I do when it's done scanning? Please help
  19. Thanks, for the replies! Nukcad I am going to print your response. Thanks
  20. You can do it for all new content - with a bit of setting up work. But it's probably easier just to visit the forum regularly and look at 'Unread Content'. You can 'follow' a particular forum, a particular topic, (or even a user), - you can then set your 'notifications' to send you an email when new content is posted to something that you are following. You will see a 'Follow' button at the top right of each forum or topic. Once you are following things then you can set how you get a notification of new content in whatever you are following. Click the down-arrow next to your username at the top right and see 'Account Settings'>'Notification Settings' to set up email notifications. Also see 'Manage Followed Content' in that drop-down. You can set instant emails for new content in each forum/thread that you are following, or daily/weekly emails of all new content in each forum/thread that you are following So if you set it up to 'Follow' every forum then you can get email notification of everything new posted.
  21. Why do you show clipboard as cleaning feature and advertise it even? Ccleaner for Android doesn't delete clipboard content, never. It's necessary doing it manually That's all.
  22. The way the forum is configured you can't to my knowledge.
  23. Last week
  24. Thanks, for your response I have not been able to get into this forum for awhile. That's great news! How do I get all the posts from this forum sent to me?
  25. Hi, the original files were recovered from a regular external (non-SSD) hard drive to an internal SSD.
  26. I'm not sure what suggestion you are asking for, from what you have described so far nothing seems to be wrong. SPEED checks your Windows startup to see if it's loading anything at startup that is not needed, which would slow down your computers boot time. If there is nothing doing that and slowing down your boot time then SPEED will show zero found. SECURITY checks if (certain) apps that you have installed have a later version available. If you do not have those apps, or if there are no updates available, then that will also show zero found. If something has changed with the startup, or if there is an app that needs updating then they will say so, and will make the change/update when you click 'Make it Better'. Those 2 Health Check areas showing zero is not anything wrong, in fact it's quite the opposite. - It's showing that those two areas are fine. Those areas will always show zero unless Health Check finds something that needs reviewing or updating. If you mean that yours are showing something else then please describe what you are seeing, or post a screenshot like that one. PS. If you want to double check just what those 2 Health Check areas are looking at then click on 'Tools', and then: Startup - Will show you what Health Check SPEED looks at. Software Updater>Up-to-date Programmes - Will show you which programmes Health Check SECURITY is looking at on your machine.
  27. Thank you for that report @Andres Lara; It seems that your original post about this was overlooked for some reason? So we now have two reports of this happening (sometimes) when a browser is closed and Smart Cleaning is active to clean that browser. It seems quite specific that sometimes when Smart Cleaning is set to clean a browser on closing it is crashing, and not giving any warning that it has crashed. @Joe Liberty also reports here that it only stated happening to him after he updated to 1909, and that it doesn't happen if he has a CCleaner or TaskManager window open. That specific information should help point the developers where to look for an issue, I'll flag it up. The original post here from Doupax was a different issue. (The AV was removing that 'pinned' icon from the Task Bar, not from the system tray. The AV was removing CCleaner from the machine entirely).
  28. It is most likely a False Positive detection by ESET, it is reported as now fixed but you have to update your ESET. See here: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/58113-mcafee-and-eset-nod32-false-postive-for-ccleaner-566-consolidated-thread/?tab=comments#comment-319103
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