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  2. Update. I am going to wait a bit before removing that HP software. On this win 7 computer that software seems to be tightly integrated with some funcions I want to keep. Not sure exactly how much stuff will be disabled. Just don't know enough about the issue to proceed yet. Might be a bit over my head.
  3. RuiterLeo

    Big Problems

    Ik heb al enkele jaren CCleaner Pro Plus. Nu liep dat 17 maart 2020 af. Ik heb het verlengd - nieuwe gekocht CCleaner Pro Plus inclusief alle software, en alles betaald. Maar wil niets registreren: The registration information you entered is invalid. Ik heb vele malen gemaild, steeds dezelfde antwoorden, dezelfde sleutel. Dan 5 april eindelijk een andere sleutel..... maar die doet het ook niet. Dit duurt nu al een maand. Dit is een slechte service, hier heb ik niets aan en wil mijn geld terug. Mijn vertrouwen is nihil. Translation: I have had CCleaner Pro Plus for several years. Now that ended March 17, 2020. I extended it - bought new CCleaner Pro Plus including all software, and paid for everything. But don't want to register anything: The registration information you entered is invalid. I have emailed many times, always the same answers, the same key. Then April 5 finally another key ..... but it does not. This has been going on for a month now. This is a bad service, this is of no use to me and I want my money back. My confidence is nil.
  4. I am starting using ccleaner-browser and have imported my other browser's bookmarks. But like with the other browser I would like the bookmarks shown on the screen at the edge of the screen (better if there were an option to show/hide this function). How do I do this specifically??
  5. @iamwotiam: The "Using CCleaner in a business?" pop-up posted by Hazelnut is just part of the occasional awareness campaign that is run that the free version of CCleaner is only free for home users - not for businesses (and that for users who are in a business their IT department, aside from being very naughty, should really be using the CCleaner Cloud managed endpoint solution rather than piecing something together with home-user software). If that is the one you saw then the most important part of the message for you is "Using CCleaner at home? Thanks for using CCleaner Free!" If you saw a message with somewhat sterner wording titled "Commercial use suspected" or "Are you compliant?" please let us know.
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  7. Additional information on how to register can also be found here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional
  8. The process is the same for Opera as it is for any other browser. Click the three dots in the top right hand corner next to the CCleaner logo, go to "Settings". Click "Import bookmarks and settings". Select your browser and profile.
  9. I too have the same question. In looking at the date you posted your question, I guess that no one at Piriform cares to answer that question. I guess I will just stick to using Opera.
  10. Don S


    We accidentally updated on today email and about 10 icons on desktop change to red circle, white background & red c in middle. We did not want to change any of icons on desktop to this figure...cannot restore back to default setting, please give specific instruction on how to do this to get bac the original icons on desktop
  11. Thanks for the linked response nukecad, That was a satisfying answer. I'll re-assess my Start-up. Sounds like you've been down this road many times.
  12. ccleaner -> options -> settings -> section "secure deletion" english: normal file deletion (faster) secure file deletion (slower) <--- one style in english :-) german: Normales Datei-löschen (schneller) Sicheres löschen von Dateien (langsamer) <--- why two different translation-forms (style) Sicheres Datei-löschen (langsamer) (or the other translation way around, must decide the translator) like: Normales löschen von Dateien (schneller) Sicheres löschen von Dateien (langsamer)
  13. Re: Me too; I have been using both TrendMicro Maximum Security and CCleaner for years, but after the update sometime in March 2020, (in V 16.0 anyway), that is ... ...Something changed somewhere. I don't know where the change occurred, but the white-listing in Trend, did solve the problem.
  14. Right, and this computer is too old to benefit anyway.
  15. ps: the translation updates from above last post are not so important but the 3 red-marked ones definitely nr. 3.) perhaps with this translation it will be possible that the german sentence is 1 line long - not 2!? <--- same as in english :-)
  16. what is PF´s? have you tried the safe mode? does your pc starts? (hdd-leds light up, the fans will start, any usual start noises etc...) or is nothing?
  17. This really should be in the dedicated thread. The thing you call "winapp2" is a template and should not be used as a whole file. It's huge and that's why it takes so long. A user is supposed to take the template and copy entries into your own personal winapp2. If you direct yourself to the dedicated thread you can learn of the commandline auto trim that makes the template into a file with only the entries you use in it. https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/ I should note that I too use the whole file with no trim on my portable build of ccleaner, I just expect a long load time.
  18. Seems like all those OEM tools at some point are prone to it. When they stop feeding the system updates they aren't really worth having installed anymore anyway, and some seem more like spyware anyways.
  19. I have used Ccleaner etc. for ten years or more and I have always paid for the software. Now they deceive me. Their so called browser downloads anything, even if you don't want it to be downloaded. That has to stop right now. They must be desperately looking for money because of this violation of your privacy. Don't download their browser, because you are not safe anymore. If you want some privicy, delete Ccleaner from your computer right now. joopromijn@kpnmail.nl
  20. i can't find my imported bookmarks from edge browse can somebody please help many thanks
  21. See below. Speccy has had CCleaner as an optional offer presented in the installer for several years now.
  22. Why it takes so long to load winapp2.ini
  23. The single computer CCleaner Professional licence keys (which start with the letter "C") are each for for Mac or PC - but not both. CCleaner Professional Plus licence keys (starting with the letter "P") work on both Mac and PC - https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on-
  24. I have an acoount on Vimeo. My videos are explicitely not downloadable. But you never the less made my videos downloadable with your browser. Are you out of your mind??? Stay off my property. Don't touch any of my films. Who do you think you are?!!!!!!!!!
  25. I have windows 7, I made the latest updates of W7 run ccleaner, turn off the computer and from there it does not lift my pc, it tries to open and turns off, I have tried with the PFs and it continues to turn off. Please help. My mail:**********
  26. ok.... can't be helped then... well I will wait for it..
  27. Moved to ccleaner help board
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