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  3. i read that it is "word online" for free with an microsoft account like in windows 8 or 10/11 but in reduced version. for mac there is google docs but i dont know... softmaker is the same as libre or apache office i mean... for mac there is ms office 2019 standard for example... word perhaps for 40 €
  4. but in the end - the formats are not 100 % working with different formats in word and powerpoint it dont work proberly in libre or apache. also in excel there are limits
  5. I Like the CCLEANER browser, generally. However, ...No Menu Bar? I won't be using it till, and unless, one is added.
  6. From 51k to 59k .. today 60k . Products updates disabled. IT would be a good saving if not started by windows booting and still worked for cleaning trackers and junk manually opened.
  7. The latest Maxathon Cloud release notes show this..... Chromium 89 (Official Build) https://www.maxthon.com/mx6/changelog/ + Chromium 89 (Official Build)
  8. Thanks a lot Nukecad and Nergal. Am little slow. I have no idea of what ''updates' are about (if it is about the whole CCleaner app .. I am using the last version for Xp) I turn it off so to be able to set off 'smart cleaning. What are the implications of smart monitoring setting it off. I use the internet for news, youtube and want to get rid off trackers frequently, because the pc slows down and the only way I find to exit internet is CCleaner and erase trackers. So, if for the former purposes, if smart cleaning off does not become a problem to detect and erase trackers I would
  9. It's Chinese so may be it's own thing and not Chrome/Firefox based? Winapp2 might include cleaming rules for it but I don't know for sure?
  10. ccleaner cleans browsers in their parent browser but I don't remember if maxthon is child of chrome or firefox (I think it used to be based on ie but don't know now what it is or if it's already cleaned by ccleaner).
  11. Good morning to all. I am new here and I have a question about browsers. I recently installed the Maxthon 5 browser on my desktop because I'm having trouble finding a browser that works on my antiquated XP OS. When running Ccleaner free version, it shows Chrome, IE, and Firefox browsers but not Maxthon. Is that because it sees Maxthon as Chrome or Firefox? Thanks!
  12. I mean libre office brings more format- supports between ms word and free word But i have apache open office as second. Because the icons in the tab bar are near to the good old standard as ms it used
  13. trium

    Windows 11 ?

    In the main for business people because money... :-)
  14. Please translate from russian to english for example -> there is google translate
  15. Smart Cleaning, and automatic update checks, run in the background if you have them turned on - but they shouldn't consume "ever growing memory". Can you give us any details/screenshots of that, if a memory leak is indeed happening then the devs will want to track it down and fix it.
  16. As I don't use Chrome I can't say about any updates to it. The best I can suggest is to open and close Chrome a few times without running CCeaner (and turn of browser Smart Cleaning in CCleaner if you have it on) and seeing if it's still logging you out. If it does still log you out then that shows it's not CCleaner doing it. If it's only when you run CCleaner that it logs you out then Chrome may have changed where it stores things and it will take a bit more investigation. (Firefox did similar a few months ago and changed how/where it stores cookies and other things). PS. T
  17. turn off smart monitoring and check for updates and it won't start with windows
  18. Yesterday
  19. At booting the system (Xp) CClenaer gets started along and it consumes ever growing memory, so I just want it to get started just and only at the moment when I call it to analyse the browser, clean it and close all of program dealing with CCleaner. Is that possible ... so I don't uninstallit and reinstall it every session. Thank you so much in advance
  20. Thanks for your response. I am running Custom Clean, I have unticked 'Session' for Chrome, as per your suggestion, but it is still signing me out of Chrome. I've double-checked my Chrome settings, and I don't have any settings that would cause me to logout on closing, additionally I remain logged in until I run CCleaner. Since I had not changed any settings prior to this issue, I'm guessing there may have been a recent update to Chrome that changed something, but I don't know for sure.
  21. I use Softmaker Free Office. Does everything I want for WP docs and spreadsheets for home use, and there's a presentation (powerpoint) app included although it's not something I use it's handy when you want to see an existing one. Being free it has ads but they're not too obtrusive, plus there is a paid for option if you feel the need for more features/no ads.
  22. I have used LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. Liked them both. Both offer recent versions. Both offer a portable version if one wanted to try them out. I've only used them personally, not in a work environment. Haven't used Apache OpenOffice for a long time. No doubt there are members here who are more knowledgeable than I who may wish to chime in.
  23. Willy2

    Windows 11 ?

    - Frankly I am not surprised. A new version of Windows (11 ???) allows the developers to fix bugs that are deep in the kernel. It allows the developers to start from scratch instead of "patching up" the old kernel with all the risks.
  24. Sorry for the absence. I went on vacation. I played a game tonight, experienced the issue again, and remembered to check this thread. I paid attention to it more this time and it does appear to be triggered when Razer Cortex begins its "restoring memory" function. @MeganCCleaner This appeared to have worked for me. I did have "Keep CCleaner updated automatically" and I had one scheduled task related to CCleaner. I disable both. I then retried all 3 of the games mentioned in my previous post as a test. Razer Cortex did its thing and CCleaner did NOT open as describ
  25. Завышена температура системной платы: 114 градусов! Как поправить программу?
  26. @Campermanwhich version of Kamo are you using (can be found under Menu > Settings) eg:
  27. Last week
  28. Me hope so too, bemused59, and when they do I hope it benefits you as well. I will post updates wether improvements or not.
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