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  2. ... or if you forget to register your product so you're still using the free version. Do check for this in the top left-hand corner:
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  4. No problem here. I already had the telemetry (and studies) turned off in Options>Privacy & Security. Updating to Firefox 75 has respected those settings, they are still off.. No scheduled task has been created.
  5. How did you buy an 'outdated' version? Or perhaps more to the point where did you buy it? There are plenty of scammers out there, and plenty selling fake licences, or who will try to sell the same licence hundreds, or thousands, of times. If you tell us where you got it from then they will be investigated/stopped. You can register any older version of CCleaner using a valid licence and it will update itself to the latest version with no further charge. If you are being told otherwise then you are not talking to Piriform/CCleaner but to someone who is trying to scam you If you try to register a fake, or already in use, licence then you will be told that it is 'Invalid' (not out of date). If you did purchase a vaild licence form Pirform then that message is simply saying that you are entering you registed name or key wrongly. You have to use the same name that you registered, and have to be careful not to mistype letters/numbers in the key. - 1 & l, 5 & S, 8 & B, etc. We see the mistyping mistake at least once a week - it's best to copy/paste the key from the purchase email.
  6. When you say 'can't update' do you mean it's not accepting your licence when you type it in? or is it something else? If you entered a wrong email then they wouldn't have been able to send you a licence key anyway, so I suspect that it's something else. Please describe what you mean by 'can't update', just what are you doing and seeing - we've probably already got the answer. It also helps if you tell us your Windows version and, particularly at the moment, what AntiVirus you are using.
  7. To continue upon what Hazelnut has mentioned: The position of the accept and decline buttons are very deceptively placed, and I'd reckon they're fully aware of it.
  8. I just bought ccleaner professional, and the first thing they do after is send me a bubble that tells me the one I bought was outdated, and I have to pay another twenty bucks for the updated version they "decided not to give me. If this isn't something for consumer affairs and the better business bureau and some hellaciously scorching reviews, I don't know what is. What a fkng scam!!
  9. I bought a license awhile back, but I may of entered in the wrong email address. I now can't update so just trying to figure out my license problems. Probably need staff.
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  11. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (cleaning results level...) perhaps another translation mistake? i dont know if i understand it with the wrong way... file list = shows every single the junk files advanced report = shows the summary list of all what can ccleaner find with the ticked suboptions of every main-cleaning-point like IE, Firefox, Explorer etc...) i remember me darkly that in the past was an option "summary" but i dont remember what ccleaner-version it was ... 5.xx why dont you call it "summary-list" or similar?`= because ccleaner shows an summary list with all ticked subpoints of mainpoint (IE, Firefox etc) in one summary point the files are counted together in number and size advanced report isnt "erweiterter bericht", rather an summary list (Zusammenfassung)
  12. main-menu "custom clean" german old: Erweiterte Bereinigung <--- why? custom (english) is not erweitert (german) custom clean = Benutzerdefinierte Bereinigung (perhaps its to long for the "custom clean" button) alternativly perhaps "Eigene Bereinigung" or "Selbstgewählte Bereinigung" <------ both are shorter as "benutzerdefinierte Bereinigung"
  13. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (only delete files...) english: 1.) only delete files in windows temp folder older than 24 hours 2.) only delete files in recylce bin older than 24 hours german: 1.) Dateien aus dem Windows Temp Ordner nur löschen, wenn sie älter als 24 Stunden sind 2.) Dateien aus dem Papierkorb nur löschen, wenn sie älter als 24 Stunden sind german new: 1.) Nur Dateien löschen im Windows-Temp Ordner, wenn älter als 24 Stunden 2.) Nur Dateien löschen im Papierkorb, wenn älter als 24 Stunden as you can see, a little bit shorter as before and a little bit better
  14. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (skip user account...) english: skip user account control warning german: Benutzerkontensteuerung Warnung ignorieren "skip" is "überspringen" not "ignorieren" "ignorieren" is "ignore" not "skip" german new: Überspringe Warnung der Benutzerkontensteuerung -> or -> Überspringe Benutzerkontensteuerungs-Warnung -> or -> Benutzerkontensteuerungs-Warnung überspringen
  15. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (jump list) german old: Windows Jump List Aufgaben aktivieren <--- forgot the translation :-) german new: Windows Sprunglisten-Aufgaben aktivieren -> or better -> Aktiviere Windows Sprunglisten-Aufgaben
  16. thanks a lot i hope its not to much i just have a little more time and was able to look more closely. im afraid I may give a few more improvements known...? sorry for the work ccleaner -> options -> advanced (close and shutdown) in this case also a directly addendum to post #1 english: 1.) close program after a custom clean 2.) shutdown after a custom clean german: 1.) Programm nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung schließen 2.) Nach Bereinigung herunterfahren perhaps one style instead two differents? german new: 1.) Nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung Programm schließen 2.) Nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung herunterfahren
  17. To save time asking, I'll take a guess that you have Trend Micro as your anti virus? Trend Micro is stopping CCleaner v5.65 from running for some reason. (There were also early reports of McAfee doing the same but that seems to have been fixed). We are told that Trend engineers are looking for why it suddenly started blocking CCleaner from running. In the meantime the following steps fix the problem for most: Many users have reported that once Trend Micro is updated to 2020 then CCleaner works as expected again. NOTE - Updating Trend Micro from within Trend Micro itself will tell you that you are up to date - but you may not be. You may have the 2018 or 2019 versions of TM, so while that version is up to date itself it is not the latest TM version. You need to download and install the TM 2020 upgrade - go to this page to 'grab' the 2020 upgrade. https://esupport.trendmicro.com/en-us/home/pages/technical-support/maximum-security/home.aspx If that still doesn't clear the problem, try Whitelisting ccleaner in Trend Micro 2020 following the directions in this post https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/57702-ccleaner-not-working-after-update/?tab=comments#comment-317617
  18. After using the free version for years, it stopped running. I would delete and then reinstall the program. It would run "one time" and then not open again. I figured it was an issue with the "free" version, so I purchased a subscription. I am still having the same issue. Install. Runs once and then won't open again. Using Windows 10 on a desktop. Can anyone help?
  19. Yes, you can import Opera bookmarks but I believe that it has to be done after installation of CCleaner browser. See the steps and screenshot here:
  20. Same here. I cut and pasted both the name and the key. Had the registration info resent (just in case) No joy. I suspect there is something systemic going on I have contacted support/ confirmed
  21. Hard drive health (Status) shows as Good even when there are problems. See screenshot, both Speccy and Crystal Disk Info correctly identify the Uncorrectable Error Count as 1 (which is above the threshold of 0). That result is shown in Crystal Disk Info as above the threshold & therefore a yellow warning/Caution. That's correct. Speccy reports this as Good in the table (I've added a red arrow) and also Good in the overall Status (I've added a red box). Surely this is incorrect? I've seen this on multiple Windows 10 PCs with a few different old hard drives. I'm using the latest version 1.32 of Speccy that I just downloaded from your site. Thanks for your help.
  22. luc Benton


    I have a solid state drive will this program shorten the life of this drive?
  23. Could be a popular idea. One way to find out: Raise the suggestion on the "ideas board" and vote for it See here for more information:
  24. I just started using the New CCleaner Browser and can't seem to find a way to display my Menu Bar at the top of the page. Any suggestions to rectify this problem?
  25. Hi Dave and thank you for that information. The description page on the CCleaner Browser does not list Opera as one of the browsers that bookmarks and such can be imported from. I will try the CCleaner Browser now.
  26. Java RE plug in. After installing and unistalling many different versions, a lot of entries remain in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{CAFEEFAC-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-ABCDEFFEDCBA} and HKEY_USERS\*_Classes\CLSID\{CAFEEFAC-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-ABCDEFFEDCBA} (ABCDEFFEDCBA changes) Can you get it done by registry cleaning?
  27. Hi, thanks for adding to the list. I will let our team know about these .
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