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  2. Along with the invalid/wrong URL I watched a YouTube video yesterday that stated VPN software should be updated immediately whenever there's a new version available because they're supposedly prone to becoming incompatible with Windows 10 after Windows Updates.
  3. I wonder why Hardware Acceleration is becoming an issue again in 2020 in various browsers, that is if that's the cause.
  4. The thanks should go to APMichael, I merely modified what he had already posted.
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  6. This method is perfectly valid as well, and is what we recommend for more experienced CCleaner users. Thank you to nukecad for the steps above, to APMichael for the .ini method and to Andavari for the Firefox portable guide. And finaly, thank you to circcc for originally flagging this. My apologies that we didn't address this sooner. We're working on getting a fix out as soon as possible.
  7. You seem to be labouring under a few mishaprehensions. I am not a Piriform employee, I am a user and volunteer - as are all the moderators here. It is not 'my programme', I do not have access to the programme code. If you choose to do a Wipe Free Space on 3 drives everytime you run CCleaner then that is entirely up to you, but it is not normal practice and is unecessary. Again: There is a CPU leakage bug in v5.69 that has been acknowledged and is being fixed. It is only affecting a minority (like yourself) who are using CCleaner in certain ways, most users aren't even aware of it. You have been advised that if you temporarily stop using Wipe Free Space on all 3 drives in CCleaner then you will not see the issue. Again it is entirely up to you whether to take that advice or not, but if you don't then until the next update you will keep having the issue. Once the bug is fixed in the next update you will no longer see the issue, and you can go back to wiping all 3 drives if you want to.
  8. I already have no words! Who told you that I do deep cleaning EVERY TIME? Why are you going to teach how to maintain your PC user ????? Why are you sure that the user who asks you to troubleshoot YOUR program knows less about software and Windows than you ???? (as well as about your PC, its elements and architecture ???) Why is it NOT OK to do a DEEP cleanup IMMEDIATELY on three disks in the latest version of your program ????? What have you done with the program that everyone has been using since 2003 ??? Sorry, to "break" such a simple popular program you need to have great talent! (
  9. After Duplicate Finder has found files then the 'Delete selected' button is greyed out until you actually select a file or files to be deleted. Is that what you are meaning? If not then could you attach a screenshot of what it is that you are seeing.
  10. You need to contact support to resolve licencing issues; it's not something that we can do on the open forum. (For security/privacy we can't see licence information here). You should email them at: support@ccleaner.com If possible send your request from the same email address that you used when registering CCleaner. (If that's not possible then noting that registered email address in your request, if you can, will make it easier for them to find your account). You should get an automatic acknowledgement by return email that your request has been received and is in a queue for action, if you can't see one then check your email spam folder.
  11. You have been answered twice here already, I'm sorry if you cannot understand that answer - here it is again. Yes, there is currently a bug in CCleaner v5.69 that is causing a 'CPU leak' and slowdow/freeze in certain circumstances. Whether it happens to you or not depends on how you are using CCleaner. It is happening to you personally because you are doing a Wipe Free Space on 3 drives, it is not normal to do that every time you clean. Yes, it will be fixed in the next CCleaner update. To stop your freeze it until the update/fix is available: Stop doing the unneccessary Wipe Free Space that you are doing on 3 drives with every clean - Open CCleaner, Clean normally (without the Wipe Free Space), Close CCleaner - then you will not see the freeze.
  12. Hey. I read your message and the only thing I understood is that you have to wait for the update of your program, which will fix the errors of the current version. I am unpleasantly surprised by your teachings on how programs work on a computer running Windows 10 ((( Most of your message is irrelevant to the problem work of the current version of CCleaner. And in general, far from reality: I wrote that your program loads the processor very heavily, and you write to me that your program cannot be "closed". None of my "heavy" graphics programs force you to reboot the PC or use the task manager to "exit" it does not "load" the operating system so much that Windows itself starts to "freeze"! I am forced to remove your program before exiting as you write a new version. After that, I will need to test the new version and decide on the further use of CCleaner in general. Additionally, I use Avast Premium Security antivirus - I have been buying it annually for five years. The question arose: if the manufacturer AVAST has not been able to repair a 26 kilobyte program for a month, then how does AVAST work (and does it work?)? Maybe it's time to switch to another antivirus? I have to end our dialogue because I have not received any answer to my question other than the message that we must wait for the new version. Your messages were extremely strange for me (( Good luck.
  13. Gentlemen, this is no longer funny. Am I right on the ccleaner forum? I am interested in the incorrect operation of this program and how to fix the "freeze" of ccleaner! I am not interested in your opinion on using SSD! I continue to wait for your answer to my question.
  14. Try disabling Hardware Acceleration in Firefox settings.
  15. I often get green screen when watching Instagram videos on Windows 10 using Mozilla firefox. But this doesn't happen on my Android when use the Chrome. Does anybody know why this happens? everything are up to date and no any technical issue found.
  16. There is a known cpu leak happening with the latest build. When ccleaner is left open it is using increasing amount of processing power. The devs are working on a fix right now, but the work around is to not leave ccleaner open
  17. A new version (5.69.7865) is missing buttons, actually they are invisible. Using Tools -> duplicate finder would find files to delete, open the prompt, but the delete and cancel buttons are invisible.
  18. v 5.69.7865 (64 bit). running windows 10 home. I used to leave the CC Cleaner minimized and just maximize it and run when I wanted to clean my cache. Now, If I minimize it and try to maximize it later, the screen comes up black. I have to close the app and restart it. This is the PC version. I have not notices the problem on previous versions. I am using the free version.
  19. @nateinva I noticed typo in one of your screenshots above. support.periform.com s/b support.piriform.com
  20. Yesterday
  21. Thing is SSDs are easy to shorten the life or outright kill if intentionally abused. And drive manufacturers can look at the S.M.A.R.T. data and possibly know if a drive has been abused and in that scenario they don't have to honor the warranty.
  22. it is now August; any news for a Speccy update ETA?
  23. How do I delete the autorenewal? I don't want to cancel but I don't want autorenewal.
  24. Yes, it's a bug in v5.69 and as said above it will be fixed in the next CCleaner update. It's a problem with 'leaking' device context handles, as you say that you are not a newbie to software user then you will probably know that 'leak' means that the longer the programme is open the more of the CPU it will want to use. Closing the programme means it is no longer trying to hog the CPU. This is why with normal use most users are not even aware that there is an issue, they open CCleaner, clean, and close CCleaner - the leak does not have time to affect anything noticably. Only those who leave CCleaner open for longer times notice it, because the programme is open for longer it has time to hog the CPU. In your particular case you are regularly wiping free space on 3 drives and that is not normal usage, (Wipe Free Space is not meant to be used like that), and that will mean that you have CCleaner open for longer than it would be in normal usage. So it then becomes a race between can CCleaner finish wiping your 3 dives before the leak causes your CPU to top out, from what you describe then it is finishing the wipes but then because of the leak it has no more CPU resources to do anything else. In that circumstance force closing CCleaner (by task manage or a restart) frees up the CPU again. I suggest that if you realy insist on continuing to wipe all 3 of your drives with each run of CCleaner, which is your choice to make, then you stop wiping them until the next CCleaner update fixes the context handle leak. For now untick Wipe Free Space and just do the cleaning without the wiping of free space. (Alternatively wipe one at once, closing and reopening CCleaner between each one). Once the leak is fixed in the next update then you can go back to wiping free space every time if you want to. (But it's not necessary). PS. While SSDs can stand many more rewrites than they used to do in the early days they still have a limit on how many times they can be written to, it's just a much bigger limit than the early SSDs had.
  25. ff v68.11.0 esr 28. july 2020 Fixed Various stability and security fixes
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