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  2. Look in Windows Task Manager to see if there's any processes belonging to CCleaner still running, if so End Task them then try again with Revo Uninstaller.
  3. While trying to uninstall, it got hung up while trying to do so. I didn't know how long it was gonna take and was in a hurry, so I cancelled it out and tried it again. I got this screen and it's been like this for about 20min now. I get the same result from using Revo Uninstaller.
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  5. I don't think drive type detection would work, we know that some use the portable on their system drive rather than installing. Couldn't you simply check the registry for one (or a few to make sure) of the 'installed' registry entries, and if not found then query if the user wants to install or not? ("You are about to install CCleaner - Click OK to continue"). That would allow for first time installs by new users or existing users with a new machine, whilst warning anyone who is using the portable that if they continue they will get an install. OK that would also be adding an
  6. We used to get complaints everywhere. Getting rid of that process was by far and away the #1 ask that we had from our customers - after 9+ years of forcing our free users to go through a cumbersome manual update flow, we'd become a bit of a meme in that regard. We've made a collection of them as a reminder in case we're ever tempted to revert to that kind of thing. While my mind went first to something complicated with drive type detection, I note that there is a portable.dat in the zip files and we may be able to shape behaviour based on that. I would imagine that a common scenario
  7. I didn't screenshot it because it went away before I could, and won't get shown again now that I've seen it once. (Unless I edit the registry entry to ahow it again). But it was an orange thing in the Windows Notification area bottom right of the desktop so not what you saw/are seeing. I agree that the check for updates used to go to the webpage rather than updating, and believe it's that change that is the issue here. In effect they have taken a couple of steps out to make it easier to update CCleaner. (Sorry it took me a while to realise that those steps had now been removed, I've
  8. Thanks for the modified entries. Winapp2.ini updates: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/58f5a7d7667592e203beb546d976c4661d48b4bb https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/a42e6500c02f4dc04c938bc1cd295d4c367fa56f Winapp3.ini update: https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2/commit/6f7bb028b33484f67efee674a5b2bade00758f9e
  9. @Judy C: For the more immediate issue of restoring deleted files, you can download our Recuva software for free here: https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/download If you are using HealthCheck then after you scan, but before you clean, you can deselect the Recycle Bin, if you want to avoid cleaning that out: For custom clean there is a checkbox option: ... and also under Options > Advanced there is an option to only delete older Recycle Bin files:
  10. Everything you list there is configurable under the Options menu. Not hidden. Configurable under Options > Cookies. The only thing that this tracks is the "I have already seen this one-time message and I don't need to see it again" flag for some reminder notifications. If you have deleted some of these then you may find yourself receiving some notifications more frequently than intended. If so, the fix for this is to go to Options > Cookies in the CCleaner console, right click in "Cookies to Keep", select Import and import the cookies.txt attached here. Sounds like you
  11. They already have ReFS. But I'd prefer them to fix all the known issues with NTFS.
  12. That's been in my CCleaner.ini for ages going back to 2014, oddly the same day 01/01: UpdateKey=01/01/2014 05:55:24 AM Edit: I think it's safe to say we really shouldn't be calling CCleaner Portable a "portable", it's just a Standalone - albeit using the older flavor of it that I use it has never acted in an odd way of not being a "true" portable, but I've got enough experience with "portable" software misbehaving and creating either AppData, ProgramData, or Registry settings which I usually craft a Batch .bat/.cmd and .reg file to deal with.
  13. I just lost some irreplaceable photos due to a Microsoft update. They might have ended up in my Recycle bin but apparently CCleaner automatically empties it. Please tell me how to change my settings so that never happens again. Yes, I've looked at "Settings" and I don't understand them, so please be specific. Thank you.
  14. I started getting spammed for an Update today in Windows 10. ... Finally checked ccleaner.ini and found UpdateAuto=1 by some sort of magic. I always check for UpdateAuto=0 & UpdateCheck=0 & UpdateBackground=0 & UpdateNotify=0. There is another entry, UpdateKey=01/01/2020 01:02:03 am which seems harmless = last time it spammed me. For those who are unaware, CC secretly hides from us: CookiesToSave= ... *.avast.com|. Message to Avast: I paid real money to buy CCleaner for multiple computers and really don't like any form of spam. Since I have paid, I do get an EMAIL about once a mon
  15. In case it wasn't already covered higher up in this thread, just a reminder that there is no separate "regular", "slim" or "portable" version of CCleaner. Those terms apply to the installer wrapper (or lack thereof) around CCleaner Free. CCleaner Free's own internal updating process can be configured via Options > Updates in CCleaner 5.50 and above. For someone using CCleaner in a portable fashion off a USB stick where storing settings in the registry aren't going to be appropriate between different machines, Options > Advanced > Save all setting to INI file should do the trick
  16. Last week
  17. Thanks guys, spot on recommendations. Went and unpinned all the tiles (live or not) since I never use them. That prevents the buildup of space-eating files in wpnidm directory. All done here...
  18. Hi nukecad: You didn't post an image of the message you saw so I'm not sure what you're seeing, but I previously stated that the built-in automatic updater was only added to CCleaner Free products in v5.74 (see the v5.74 release notes at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history which states "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free") so you won't be able to reproduce my results if you test with CCleaner Portable v5.62. If you want to try clicking "Update Now" in the new update prompt shown below you should test with CCleaner Portable v5.75.8238 (ccse
  19. To do some testing I've just unzipped/run the v5.62 portable and the notifications for product updates were enabled by default even back then. I do note though that I also got a notification in the Windows notification area that v5.62 is now 17 versions out of date. That notification is a different system and is issued as part of the changes in v5.75/5.76; Piriform are nudging everyone to get up to date if their Windows version allows it. Is it that you saw which prompted you to update from within CCleaner and thus do an install?
  20. Arrgh, Please, No. Not something else new for them to c**k up, and you know that they would.
  21. Again this had nothing to do with the new Automatic Updates in Free - Other than the fact that 'New version' notification got turned on by default which I assume you had turned off before and is why you weren't seeing it. (It's nothing to do with having v5.74 or not either). It has always been the case that if you updated CCleaner from within the portable it would install the new version. I'm not sure if the 'new version' notification was on or off by default previously, I'd have to check that. EDIT- It was on by default, see my next post. In that respect then as Andavari notes
  22. Avast / Piriform added a built-in software updater to all CCleaner Free products in v5.74 (rel. Nov 2020 - see the release notes at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history which state "Updates to CCleaner will now be applied automatically in CCleaner Free"). I use CCleaner Portable and saw the pop-up below after manually launching CCleaner Portable v5.75 from a removable USB stick (i.e., by double-clicking CCleaner64.exe) on 14-Jan-2020 and decided to test the new built-in updater by clicking "Update Now". I was surprised to see that update not only downloaded the Emergenc
  23. I bought the paid version of CC specifically to scan for duplicate photos on the 256 GB SD card that I could free up space on the card. This option is not available as advertised. I can tell that CC recognizes that an SD card is present, but that is it. The other options the program suggests look to me like they could turn my phone into a brick. I will probably have to use a PC to clean duplicate files. 0nline and forum searches to address this issue have not worked out so far.
  24. Hi Andavari: Thanks for you feedback, and I completely agree. Given that I always download my ccsetup5xx.zip files from the official CCleaner builds page at https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds, I'd still like to see the Avast / Piriform software developers modify the executables inside the official portable .zip build to remove the new built-in software updater - or at least prevent addition of the Emergency Updater‌ if the new software updater is accidentally (or even deliberately) run from CCleaner Portable. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if Avast / Piriform is willing
  25. CCleaner v5.76 installed and working fine on build 19042.746. This is indeed a standalone workstation with win10 pro. I did ran some debloat/telemetry removal scripts and stuff, so it has some local GPs set. All working fine again. Thanks.
  26. I don't know if that folder can or should be manually cleaned or not, and using CCleaner to do it would be manually cleaning it outside of using Windows to do it because you can dismiss notifications (or should I say annoyances). That folder is empty on my system, however the only notifications I have enabled is for 'Security and Maintenance', and 'Wireless'. You can change Notification settings in (Win10): Settings > Notifications & Actions
  27. Portable programs that can auto-update or even notify is in a very grey area, most don't bother because it's an offense that more-or-less breaks the rules of being "portable". It's also a big no-no if a portable creates anything in C:\AppData or C:\ProgramData or the registry (unless it reliably auto-deletes the registry data it creates when exiting). So creating a Scheduled Task would put CC "Portable" on the list of doing a big no-no. Edit: Sometimes program developers seem to confuse Portable vs Standalone. I solely use portable programs if one is available and have a small handful tha
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