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  2. CCleaner Professional hangs up when started. It locks my computer to the point I must do a hard shutdown. When starting the program it opens the main screed, then the screen goes black (this repeats about 6 times then stops with a blank white screen. There is no error message or anything. It just freezes the computer. Boyd Borden
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  4. I need to recover one video file from a new SD card. The card hasn't been removed from the computer since the file was deleted and nothing has been written over it. I tried the free version and it said not fully recovered, so I upgraded to pro and tried it again. Same results. It wasn't corrupted, just accidentally deleted. I'm very frustrated and having buyers remorse on this product. Any other suggestions?
  5. LOL, I currently have to use 3G+ in the pub where I drink, which is across the market square from my house, they haven't got wifi at the moment. The buildings next to them on one side were demolished just before lockdown taking out their telephone line and they haven't got a new/rerouted line in yet. The demolition guys also managed to cut their power line, but that was only out for 4 hours or so and it was daylight. Of course at home I use the wifi from the pub next door to me, (which hasn't reopened yet), I'm using it now. It's paid for as a business expense (offset against tax so it efectively costs them nothing) anyway, so they're fine with me using it.
  6. You can get old freeware versions on FileHippo here: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history/ A pre-Avast era influence version might be v5.28 if I'm remembering correctly. Do note that if you use Windows 10 the operating system won't let you use that version since it's now too old - but even if you do find an old version that works it will likely just update itself rather you want it to or not.
  7. Probably using their WiFi from a safe distance, until they catch him and make him do the dishes again.
  8. Andavari


    It's well known enough by now for years that Defraggler is a bit slow, however something else to also consider is if the hard disk uses SMR technology (which has gotten hard disk manufacturers into legal trouble). I'd imagine an SMR hard disk could cause a full defrag/full optimization to take a long time.
  9. I've asked the staff (Dave) a couple of times, I'll ask again.
  10. nukecad


    As Nergal said. It also depends on what you you mean by '"a long time". (It could take hours on a highly fragmented multi-terabyte disc). Main factors: How big is the drive you are defragging. (Bigger drives take longer for a full defrag). How much free space is on the drive. (The less free space the longer a defrag will take). What percentage fragmentation did Defraggler report it had before starting. (The higher the fragmentation the longer it will take). Other factors that will have an effect: The amount of ram you have free. Your disc access speed. Your CPU speed. If you are doing anything else, or the computer is running something in the background, at the same time as defragging. PS. Once you have done the first full disc defrag then in future it's much faster to do a 'File Defrag'. Analyze>View Files>select all files found (by ticking the box in the top left corner)>Defrag Checked Whether to do full disc or file defrag depends on why you are defragging. The different methods do different things. You don't realy need a full disc defrag unless you are running short of disc space. A file defrag gets your files into one piece so that they load (slightly) faster.
  11. nukecad

    Uninstalling CC

    It should be in the Windows 10 apps list, but if for some reason it isn't showing then you can use CCleaner to uninstall itself:
  12. CCleaner's Duplicate Finder can find the duplicated files for you, saving you hours of searching yourself. But that is all it is meant to do, find any duplicates. It can also delete them once found, but only you can decide which to delete. CCleaner can't know if you want to keep none, one, or all of them - only you can decide that. Partially that will depend on which 'Match by' options you have selected. eg. As a simple example - If you only match on name (or even name/size) that doesn't mean that 2 files found with the same name (and size) are actually identical. If you don't know which of your duplicate mp4 files you want to keep then how can CCleaner be expected to know for you? If CCleaner tried to do that then I suspect we would soon see lots of complaints about it "deleting the wrong ones". PS. If rather than your own music/photo/video/document/etc. files you mean duplicate system or appliction files then leave those alone. Some duplicate system and appliction files are needed for your computer to run properly. Unless you are a computer technician you should always tick the box in Duplicate Finder to ignore system files.
  13. CCleaner, including Health Check, is fine to use with a SSD without problems. Health Check simply removes junk files, removes unwanted startup items, and checks certain apps to see if an update is available. It doesn't do any kind of defragmenting/optimising. If Defraggler recognises it as an SSD (it sometimes has a problem determing the drive type correctly) then it's also fine to use as it will 'optimise' rather than defrg. Windows built in drive defragmeter/optimiser will occasionally 'inteligently' defrag an SSD when needed. Which comes as a surprise to some. It will do that automatically, see this for more info. https://www.hanselman.com/blog/TheRealAndCompleteStoryDoesWindowsDefragmentYourSSD.aspx
  14. Hi, Is there any news on this issue? Thank you
  15. Nergal


    Yes, especially with todays large drives.
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  17. CCleaner Professional Plus Up to 3 PCs - 1 Year subscription to PRO CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler & Speccy electronic You are subscribed to a multiple payment product. The next payment of $39.95 is due on 6/28/2021. what about the mac????
  18. The registration information you entered is invalid. Please re-enter your details.
  19. How can I uninstall this program... Windows 10 does not include it on a list of installed programs, but the program is installed and runs on my computer.


    Hi Is it normal for defraggler to take a long time on first use
  21. I'm also thinking .."ugh"...but ok. As I start to analyze, I realize that it would be better for CCleaner to decide than me! Hahaha, I have no idea which ones to keep or get rid of!
  22. I know there are threads about this here and there in this forum but they are for specific programs and have not been answered. I just want to know why this has still not been fixed, informed on or even addressed by Piriform which is why I am asking this again but in a more general manner hoping to get an answer. Kindly Michael
  23. Please help download the old version of ccleaner (before Avast acquired Piriform Ltd). I do not want my personal data to be stolen, despite the fact that it is allowed by American law (after September 11). but the most important thing! The program stopped cleaning hidden downloads after the first Internet connection.
  24. I have not been using Defrag at all for my main disk SSD but have been using Health Check most every time I shut down. Is this OK for my SSD health? Maybe the authors need to have a special SSD section of tools or something clear. Thanks,
  25. Hello, I purchased CCleaner for Android. I have never been able to successfully use it as it stops @ 70% and will not continue it's scan. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  26. Please answer Hazelnut's questions, so that we can help you. Did you read the link given? This is the user forum not the official support. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  27. @CTYankee: - To be able to defrag a file (with Defraggler) that has a size of X you need a contiguous free space of - at least - the same size X. And that's not the case on your system with the E: drive. No wonder Defraggler won't (completely) defrag the pagefile. The best it can do is to decrease the fragmentation. - A defragmented pagefile will indeed increase the performance of your system - Try this: - Turn off the pagefile and (temporarily) move all other files to another drive. - Format the E: drive (again). - Turn on the pagefile, choose a size for the pagefile that's (a little) smaller than the size of the E: drive. Hopefully the pagefile won't be fragmented.
  28. BTW my name is listed correctly on this forum page so what I doing wrong that the license doesn't recognize my name?
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